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Pavel Macek

profilephoto01-001370000076TqDAAUPavel Macek, Master StrongFirst Instructor, KB5 Gym founder and Chief Instructor, a pioneer of kettlebell lifting, and an official StrongFirst country leader for Czechia, Central Europe. He started to train in Chinese combatives, boxing, and fencing in Hung Kyun style in 1991, studying in the USA, Hong Kong, and China. He is the president and Chief-Instructor of Practical Hung Kyun International Association.

Pavel (together with his wife Justyna) is the first StrongFirst certified instructor in the Czech republic, as well as FMS/CK-FMS specialist.

In 2008 he has opened the first kettlebell gym in the Czech Republic, KB5 Gym Prague. He currently teaches Chinese combatives (Practical Hung Kyun), strength training (KB5 Gym Prague), reality-based self-defense, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Please check out his English SIMPLEXSTRONG blog, his Repeat Until Strong training log here on the StrongFirst forum, and StrongFirst articles.


Pavel's English website: https://simplexstrong.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pavelmacekcom/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pavelmacekcom/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pavelmacek
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: https://www.simplexstrong.com
Contact: Click to contact


raffaella pezzillo
I had the pleasure of having Mr. Pavel as an instructor and evaluator at SFG I 2023, Croatia.
I don't know English but this didn't stop me from appreciating his skills, his discipline, his seriousness, his strength. thank you Mr Pavel for everything you transmit by practicing strength, especially the respect and recognition you have towards the people preparing for the SFG courses and certifications. Thank you

Tobias Kutzke
I met Pavel for the first time in 2019 during a Bodyweight and Kettlebell workshop in Berlin. At the time, I was new to strength training and remember struggling with the assisted OAPU or the one-arm Kettlebell Swing with 16kg.
I met Pavel occasionally at different events over the years, e.g. his SF Resilient seminar. In my opinion, Pavel combines what makes a great coach: knowledge, passion and a great sense of humour.
During my preparations for the SFG 1, Pavel helped me tremendously in private online coaching sessions as I had significant problems with the KB Snatch and no SF Instructor was available in my area. His coaching improved my KB Snatch substantially and restored my confidence in my abilities.
Four and a half years later, a lot of what I've achieved I owe to Pavel.

Falk Monzel
Not only a great teacher also a great guy to drink a bear with. It is not for nothing that he is the master. Nice to met this tough guy from the most beautiful city of the world. Osu

Barbara Rezzonico
I had the honour of attending the SFG I certification in Prague, held by Pavel Macek.
Beyond his talents as a strength teacher, I believe he has a totally extraordinary way of approaching life and is an extremely inspiring person. One is enchanted to hear him speak...
Thank you, Pavel, for sharing some of your immense knowledge with us during that weekend, and I hope we will meet again!

Marc Wirths
I had the honor of meeting Pavel at the SFG I Certification in Germany 2022. He is indeed an amazing coach and teacher and I can assure everybody taking part at a Certification with Pavel to have tremendous takeaways, for training and practice as also for your life!
I'm looking forward to meeting him again at the upcoming SFB and Flexible Steel Lv. 1 Certifications in Germany.
Check out Pavel's website https://simplexstrong.com or his training log "Repeat Until Strong" https://www.strongfirst.com/community/threads/repeat-until-strong.5805/ and start on page one to learn the most from it.
Pavel, Sir, to use your words: keep doing what you are doing! It's an honor to know you!

Marc Lambertz
Pavel is a real teacher! Inspiring, full of knowledge and a great personality. Also provides real quality content in his articles and social media.

Jan Šurík
Pavel is unbelievably captivating, motivational and knowledgeable guy you just want to listen to. Workshops under his lead are professional, packed with great deal of education and my kinda humor. His demeanor is calming and inspiring. Every time I meet him (and his team) I feel respected yet guided, which is something not that common in my experience and very important to me. To put it short, Pavel is a gentleman who knows his sh..tuff and it shows.

Troy Michael
Love the articles. Definitely my favorite content provider for Strong1st.

Thomas Cerboneschi
I met Pavel a few years ago, and have had the oportunity to learn from him, assist him and hear him speak on multiple occasions since then ; I can assure you, he is a leader you will want to follow. His perfect technique, his tremendous knowledge about training and physical preparation, not to mention his impressive strength make him a great source of inspiration for me. His vision and approach of lifestyle is also outstanding, I would advise you to discuss it with him ; it was a game changer for me. Trully an amazing man and friend.

breze antonio
May, the force was with us.
I met Pavel Macek in Paris for the SFG1 and FlexibleSteel level 1 certifications. It was a great moment full of inspirations. I can't wait to see him again. Maybe for the Resilient course in Paris again.

Hitomi Choi
Last December, I met Pavel in the StrongFirst SFB user course in Taiwan. He is an excellent lecturer and has shared many useful information, tips and techniques with us. He always encourages us during practice and the test. Thanks for all his advice, knowledge and guidance.

Louka Kurcer
I give Pavel Macek 6 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
He is by far one of the finest instructors I have met. Not only is he an expert on what he teaches, but he is also a fine gentleman, friend and colleague. Take a course with him, follow his work, listen to his videos. You will get educated and inspired!

Joris De Schepper
Great teacher.
Fine gentleman.
Enough said!

I met Pavel at the first resilient formation, in Paris.
He is a great and enthusiast coach who will share all his knowledge with you.
He is a man of learning, so I have no doubt that next time I will follow a formation with him (and I will, fore sure), again I will learn a lot of useful things for my training and for my physical health.

José Luis Cortina Pickholz
Been with Pavel twice: StronFirst Bodyweight Certification and StrongFirst Resilient.
An inspirational coach and with a good sense of humor.
Hope to see you soon!

Baptiste Lelievre
I would simply like to write that I am truly pleased to have been able to meet a man like Pavel MACEK who in addition to being an exceptional coach in the development of strength, he is also a man of extreme kindness always ready to share his knowledge and to advance his neighbor, so I would end by saying thank you for welcoming me so kindly during our certification in PRAGUE. Your brother of the strength

nicola varini
Like the program simple & sinister, Pavel manages to give simple but yet very effective instructions. I really appreciate his help.

Jan Kuzel
I have known Pavel for a long time. He is a great teacher, always ready to help and give the right advice.

Pavel helped me a lot with my Snatch test, especially when I was stuck in the process and had a hard time to move forward. I am very grateful for all his knowledge, advice and support. I can frankly say that I would have never passed my SFG 1 without his support.

All the best and power to you, Pavel!

Pavel has been a major part in changing my workouts, diets and lifestyle. I am firmly on track to meeting my goals. He has a wealth of knowlage and is happy to share it!
Thanks again.

Mark Limbaga
Pavel has been a long time teacher and mentor to me online.

I finally got to learn from him hands-in at the Taipei SFB in December 2019. To be given the privilege to assist him was an even bigger treat as I got to sharpen my bodyweight skills.

If you have the chance to learn from him in any form, grab the opportunity

Malou Fehlbaum
I took my SFG1 recertification course in Prague with Pavel beggining of December 2019.
It was my first time meeting him in person and I learned a lot more thabks to him. He's an outstanding instructor. The most important lesson I've learned around him is how beneficial it can be not to pass the test. At the first attempt at least. Because thanks to his coaching, support and advices, one can pass on the second attempt in a much safer and better way.
Thank you Pavel, it was an honor to practice with you.

I attended a kettlebell seminar on snatches and the bent press with Pavel as the instructor.

It was a great experience, i learned a lot (including the kettlebell armbar which immediately fixed a painful shoulder issue I had for weeks before) and would 100% recommend the seminar.

Pavel presents great content in an entertaining way and you feel that it's very important to him that you get something out of the event.

Thanks again :)

Thiemo Nass
Extremely good day workshop. A lot has been learned and Pavel has very well explained why we do this in thies way. that often goes by the wayside. I am certainly not the last time with him.

I prepared for my SFG 1 and took some private video lessons by Pavel, and also did my SFG 1 video recertification with him. Pavel is an absolutely passionate and knowledgeable Instructor. It seems like he is an encyclopaedia of teaching methods from a lot of other instructors. This plus his own knowledge combined makes him the perfect instructor to get help and advice from. Thanks Pavel

Ian Freeman OLY
I was fortunate enough to be assigned Pavel for my SFG level 2 video re-certification. He was friendly and relaxed, which settled me before performing my level 2 skills. He gave me some excellent tips on how to improve each of my skills and offered some excellent advice on programming, all of which made complete sense to me.
I had been lucky enough to meet Pavel on previous occasions, and the video session reinforced what I already knew. He is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, with a huge desire to pass his knowledge on to others. He is a credit to Strong First.

Last week I did my video recert for SFG 1, Pavel was in charge for me and the whole proces. I was surprised with his level of profesionalisam, passion, and the level of knowledge he delivered during the 1.5 hour of recertification. Amazing. It was a huge experience and honor to work with Pavel and I hope I will have a chance to work with him live. All the best to all SFG family arround the globe.

Ivan Masperi
I know Pavel from a lot of years and when I knowed that Pavel was thynking about teaching a new course I thought: "I have to do it"!!
I taked part in the first inaugural StrongFirst Resilient event last we in Vicenza (Italy). The course and the content was very interesting e Pavel was perfect into every aspect, I learned a loto of new important things.
See you soon Pavel

Shaun Cairns
Pavel is a very precise, knowledgeable and personable instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him at the very first StrongFirst Resilient Workshop in Vicenza, Italy.

Arkadiusz Klasa
Hi My Stong&Heath Friends,

Today it was an important day for me. I had to face the Master - I mean Pavel. I was very much worried about this meeting. First of all I had to recertify my SFG Level 1. I was stressed. It turned out to be an unique and fascinating adventure. Pavel turned out to be not only a demanding examiner but first of all a helpful hand to me. He gave so mane piece of advise which improved my performance. I strongly recomend his work. Pavel You are becoming a role model for me. Thanks a lot for Your support. Stay Strong&Healthy

Pavel has a positive attitude that is infectious. He guides his students to realise their potential and sets a great example of the patient, disciplined and dedicated teacher. A true quiet professional. I’m grateful to have been inspired by Pavel to start my journey as a Kettlebell student of strength.

Tomáš Mrkvička
Pavel is a great teacher of strength because he is a very good student of strength. He is hungry for knowledge and he passes what he learns to his students. He wants to do things right and he insist on that we do things right. I'm glad he introduced me to a strength training. Thanks, Pavel!

Pavel is the real deal.
I have invited him to my martial arts academy several times to teach kettlebells and strength training. His approach is methodical, clear and most importantly- highly effective.
I would thoroughly recommend his classes for anyone who has a chance to study with him- you will get inspired, and get strong!

In short - Pavel is a strong, great person with nice sense of humor who does what he loves and he's probably one of the best in this area. One of my model teachers of Strength & Conditioning and especially of lifestyle and personal development. He himself does what he's teaches. And as you can see it works to him very well, so it's easy to believe him.

Pavel is not only a teacher and really strong trainer but also active online publisher who shares his lifestyle/training experiences and tips with others. When I've been looking for kettlebells information years ago, knowing nothing about them, I found the name Pavel Macek. Thanks his publishing activities, he brought information about kettlebells and StrongFirst to Czech fitness world and I could read many articles about kettlebells, get-ups, swings - why to do it, why to use it and why I shouldn't use Youtube to learn it properly :-) Lot of motivating readings about strength training, kettlebells efficiency on Pavel's web led me to find my SFG instructor close to me who could introduce me to kettlebells practically. All the rest is history ;)

I'm very proud that I know Pavel personally and very appreciate every occasion to meet him. I have to say, he affected my thinking a lot - thanks him, I've discovered I can be stronger and healthier in many ways. And as I want it, I am stronger and stronger and love it. Thank you for your hard work for SF community, Pavel!

Michal Satura
Pavel is Senior SFG, Kettlebell Instructor SFG II, Barbell Instructor SFL and Bodyweight Instructor SFB . So you would expect him to know his stuff. And you know what? He really does . And maybe you would be surprised how much knowledge and experience he has to offer. So if you had a chance, let him share some of it with you. Pavel is really willing to give a lot. I saw him to stay and answer questions after 8 hour seminar. So you know, that he loves what he does.

Martin Pěknic
Pavel is a person with a detailed knowledge of each movement, tested on himself. And a very inspirational man.

Terezka Balá
Exceptional trainer, leader and human being. I had a chance to attend SFG I under his and Fabio’s leading and even after few years in SFG gym I still felt like gaining so many new informations. I feel great respect to him and his wife, my current trainer, because no mettre how big is the challenge, they still want to teach you the best, the most efficient way and they are both hell good at it.
I am very happy and feel really blessed that I can have Pavel around.

Jakub Ulrich
I feel honored to learn and grow under Pavel. He is great teacher. You can clearly see after few exercises that he knows his stuff. He looks constantly for new ways how to improve his teaching and how it make more effective for his students.

Nic Weber
Extremely knowledgeable instructor. Worth a trip to Prag!

You can see, that he loves, what he do. True profesional, true teacher. Preaches pu-erh, drinks pu-erh, he can one arm swing his bodyweight and if you allow him to do so, he will teach you everything he knows, because, some people just love to give, what they have.

Steve Freides
It has been my pleasure to teach alongside Pavel Macek. A consummate professional while remaining a down-to-earth person, he serves as a role model in our community of someone who walks the walk - 56 kg bent press @ 68 kg bodyweight! And he has a keen eye and mind as a teacher, one whose students make rapid progress and achieve great things.

Petr Šimsa
Pavel is born teacher and mentor. It is great pleasure to learn from him.

Tomas Vajzer
Pavel is a natural borne leader. Strong in many aspects, great personality, he is wise and inspirational. Important to mention that he has build up a great team of instructors at his KB5 school. KB5 has in my opinion one of the most professional instructors I ever experienced. Great job from a true leader!

Piotr Kowalik
If you ever have the opportunity to learn from Pavel, I really recommend it. Pavel Macek is one of the best examples of what a StrongFirst instructor should be. If you are looking for knowledge, strength and skills, you have just found it. The best choice.

Tomáš Bazala
Great Coach, good friend. Very strong person in all possible meanings.

Antonin Tuma
It is a great honor for me to be Pavel’s student. He is true gentleman, awesome teacher, employer, friend and very strong skillful wise profesional. I'm glad to know him and to be part of his team.

Jozef Vanko
Pavel is really great teacher and overall wonderful person. He was the one who introduced me to kettlebells and the world of strength years ago and has been my tutor ever since. You will always come out better after a lesson with him even if you have years of training behind you. And he lives what he preaches!

Roman Kladivo
Pavel is great leader, excellent teacher, and true embodiment of the StrongFirst Code.

He probably doesn´t know this himself but I owe him a lot. Without even knowing me, he changed me through his early articles and videos from weak and fat couch potato into strong and competent police officer.

Later on, when cirrcumstances forced me to change my job it was thanks to workshops and courses he taught and organized that I became successful and competent professional in the business of health and strength.

So Pavel, I owe you so much that I will be never able to repay it so this little review is the least I can do for you in return.

Jan Křiklán
Pavel Macek is great instructor and very inspirative peronality.

Pavel taught me what STRONG really means, and not just physically. He is one of the very few people (well, one of the two people, the second being his wife) I would never question, I can always trust and never feel the need to seek "better" alternatives. I highly admire and respect Pavel, and I am grateful for every single thing (and every person) he brought into my life. Thank you, Pavel!

Jean-Francois Lopez
Pavel is an excellent teacher of strength.
I went to see him when I was preparing my SFG certification. His attention to details and guidance put me on the right track.
I had the opportunity to see him in action a few more times at his gym, and he always acted very professionally. Every time, I left with more knowledge.
Highly recommended.

Andżelika Stefańska
Pavel inspires me from a long time. He is a great teacher and I can highly recommend his gym and him as an instructor. Full professionalism.

Maria Cristina Carollo
Pavel is an inspiration to all StrongFirst instructors. His posts and videos are very helpful and inspire us to improve our techniques. He is always working for making the StrongFirst community stronger that’s why he’s a role model in our community.

Mike Sousa
Pavel is the definition of Strength. He lives and breathes it. I have been fortunate to have a few conversations with Pavel and every time I leave stronger. He is a true professional and gentleman. He IS StrongFirst!

Pavel is for a long time now one of my model in the SF community. I admire him for his teaching manner and his impressive strengh/height ratio! He is like an ant! Not really tall but a million times stronger than that!


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