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Shaun Cairns

profilephoto01-001370000076Ts7AAEA former competitive swimmer and rugby player, Shaun Cairns, SFG Master Instructor, is also the original “Beast Tamer,” a title given to only three dozen men in the world who can consecutively perform a one-leg squat (pistol), chin-up (from dead straight to chin over the bar), and a one-arm clean and press with the “Beast,” the intimidating 48kg kettlebell. Shaun earned the title in 2005, after becoming the first man to expertly complete all three parts of this mammoth feat.

One year prior to becoming the Beast Tamer, in 2004, Shaun successfully completed the gruelling Russian Kettlebell Challenge to obtain his RKC status. He was certified by Pavel Tsatsouline, Master of Sports. Five years later, Pavel invited Shaun to become part of his elite instructor team as a Senior RKC and in 2013 to be a Master instructor in StrongFirst. Since then, Shaun has been running StrongFirst Certifications and kettlebell workshops in South Africa, Australia, Dubai, India and the United States.

Shaun also runs his own successful kettlebell businesses in South Africa, Generation Strength, providing kettlebell instruction, training, and workshops, and Kettlebells for Africa, providing products. In addition, he is the exclusive importer of DragonDoor Kettlebells and DVDs into South Africa, as well as Medi-Dyne stretch and strength products, and GymBoss Timers. Kettlebells for Africa is the only one-stop kettlebell shop in Southern Africa.

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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: www.generationstrength.co.za
Contact: Click to contact


Tobias Wilson
I have been taught by Shaun 3x now. Every single time I have come away feeling inspired and better educated. He has a dry sense of humour and is a great story teller. 10/10 top bloke, much love from Australia.

Ryan Arnold
Shaun was my Team Leader for SFG I Certification. I cannot think of a better person to lead through a cert weekend than him. He is humble, knowledgeable and concerned with getting the most out of you. Even though I entered the weekend pretty well prepared, I came out of it with even more confidence thanks to his leadership and teaching. Would highly recommend working with him in either an individual or group/team setting.

(Hugh Campbell Sydney Australia)
Shaun’s attention to detail, his cues and corrections are excellent.

Stephen Marks
As an SFG Master Trainer it is unnecessary to stress further that Shaun is a very considerable expert in his field. Opportunities to work with such a man come once in a lifetime for most of us and must be taken. Furthermore, Shaun will do much more than just give you the kind of strength training programme suitable for 'someone like you', the kind of generic stuff that abounds on the internet. Shaun will give you advice, training and programmes that are devised specifically for you as an individual, first taking the time to meticulously assess and correct your personal performance, understand your need, and give you the confidence and encouragement to pursue your goals in a realistic yet progressive fashion. He is thoughtful, authoritative, thorough, patient, engaging and humourous. What are you waiting for? Carpe diem.

Dirk Kruger
As you know, I have been struggling with my back and as a result have avoided any exercise that could aggravate my discomfort…
This have all changed following the session with Shaun….

The very detailed demonstration of how to do the “dead Lifts” properly , has completely changed my outlook on this and I no longer have this fear of hurting my back.

Estie Powell
Thank you for the privilege to attend the training session with Shaun on Saturday.
I found the training extremely educational as it was presented step by step and not rushed at all.
The explanations Shaun gave with regard to the engaging of certain muscles and how it supports each other, were very interesting and made a lot of sense.
I found his explanations very clear and easy to follow. Shaun is extremely knowledgeable and he made it easy to try new exercises. I would attend a session like this again. It broadens my knowledge base and boosts my confidence. Deadlifts and floor push-presses are now part of my routine!

Thys Croucamp
I would definitely recommend Shaun’s workshop to anyone. The knowledge Shaun shares comes from lots of experience. Shaun will take care to guide you through the right way and the wrong way with safety in mind. His passion is teaching us and giving each one in the workshop the tools and knowledge to live a healthy and stronger life with mobility. Shaun makes sure that each person in the workshop gets attention and is not far to assist with advice or to tell you stop and try again. I will certainly join Shaun’s workshops again. I really enjoyed the workshop, thanks Shaun


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