The StrongFirst Kettlebell Certification

SFG: Kettlebell 3-Day Certification

The SFG Curriculum consists of two levels—SFG I and SFG II—and is our flagship program, developed and refined by StrongFirst Founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline. We hold the highest standards in the industry, and the SFG is the most sought-after and respected kettlebell instructor credential in existence.

By earning your SFG I and/or SFG II you will become a better strength coach and your business will grow as a result. The SFG Certifications are also appropriate for athletes who simply wish to challenge themselves—can you pass the test?

Upcoming certifications

Fourways, South AfricaAug 30-Sept 1, 2019
Boston, MASeptember 20-22, 2019
Rijeka, CroatiaSeptember 27-29, 2019
Barcelona, SpainSeptember 27-29, 2019
West Midlands, EnglandOctober 4-6, 2019
Seattle/Tacoma, WAOctober 4-6, 2019
Seoul, Republic of KoreaOctober 11-13, 2019
Beijing, ChinaOctober 15-17, 2019
New York, NYOctober 25-27, 2019
Prague, CzechiaNovember 1-3, 2019
Porto Alegre, BrazilNovember 8-10, 2019
Perth, AustraliaNovember 8-10, 2019
Toronto, CanadaNovember 15-17, 2019
Zikrit, Mont-Liban, LebanonNov 29-Dec 1, 2019
Dallas, TXDecember 6-8, 2019
Taipei, TaiwanDecember 7-9, 2019
Las Vegas, NVFebruary 7-9, 2020
Paris, FranceFebruary 14-16, 2020
Tampa Bay, FLFeb 28-March 1, 2020
Seattle/Tacoma, WAApril 3-5, 2020
Chicago, ILApril 24-26, 2020
Sdot Yam, IsraelMay 8-10, 2020
The StrongFirst Barbell Certification

SFL: Barbell 3-Day Certification

SFL Candidates learn how to apply the principle-based StrongFirst methods to barbell training. You will focus on three timeless lifts, as well as the essential accessory movements. Learn how tension, bracing, and breathing can amplify your existing strength, and how to properly teach these principles to others.

This three-day Certification provides intensive lifting and programming education. It is appropriate for both trainers and athletes who wish to take their skills and strength to the next level.

Upcoming certifications

Paris, FranceSeptember 13-15, 2019
Porto Alegre, BrazilSeptember 13-15, 2019
Philadelphia, PAOctober 11-13, 2019
Denver, COOctober 11-13, 2019
San Jose, Costa RicaNovember 1-3, 2019
West Midlands, EnglandNovember 8-10, 2019
San Diego, CADecember 13-15, 2019
Barcelona, SpainDecember 13-15, 2019
Chicago, ILApril 24-26, 2020
The StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification

SFB: Bodyweight
2-Day Certification

Learn how to get a powerlifting-quality workout anywhere and anytime—using only your bodyweight as resistance. At this two-day event, SFB Candidates learn our principle-based bodyweight training system, developed and refined by our Founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline.

This Certification will make you a stronger and better strength coach, and you will learn how to teach this system to others. Athletes looking for a unique strength challenge may also set their sights on this Certification.

Upcoming certifications

Seattle, WASeptember 14-15, 2019
Mexico City, MexicoOctober 5-6, 2019
Atlanta, GAOctober 12-13, 2019
Vicenza, ItalyNov 30-Dec 1, 2019
Taipei City, TaiwanDecember 7-8, 2019
Los Angeles, CAMarch 14-15, 2020
Chicago, ILApril 25-26, 2020
Prague, CzechiaApril 25-26, 2020
Paris, FranceJuly 11-12, 2020