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  1. Kettlebell Difference between StrongFirst Online Kettlebell Courses

    Hello StrongFirst Community! I'm seeking an online kettlebell technique course to follow at home while taking breaks from caring for my newborn daughter. My in-person Strong First technique training has been very positive both 1:1 with a StrongFirst Instructor and attending a "StrongFirst...
  2. Kettlebell Hyperextending elbow in TGU

    Hello everyone! I've seen it mentioned in Pavel's books many times that you should keep your elbow locked during the TGU, but what about people with hyperextendable elbows? Should they tense their biceps and triceps at the same time to keep the elbow neutral or fully lock out? Loading a...
  3. Kettlebell S&S with snatches

    Would replacing the swings with snatches in S&S be too much overhead work? Is there a particular reason S&S uses swings not snatches?
  4. Bauer

    Kettlebell Pat Flynn TGU material

    Hi folks, I thought some of you might find this interesting. Pat Flynn is about to start a TGU challenge (10 minutes a day) and has produced some free material for it. 17 minutes video with Aleks Salkin: 5 Fun, Effective Turkish Get Up Variations for Strength, Endurance, and Mobility -...
  5. Kettlebell Hallux Valgus (big toe problem) and get up

    Hi, I recently have injured my food and as a result developed a hallux valgus condition on my right foot. This limits the bent of the big toe because the bones inside the ball of the food touch each other. This generates such a pain sensation that I cannot perform the get up safely anymore. I...
  6. damogari

    Kettlebell Snatches sets/rep equivalent to 10x10 of swings

    I am thinking about idea of mixing exercises from Simple & Sinister (Swing & TGU) and old Program Minimum (Snatch & BP) into a "park bench" program between more intensive cycles. It's from Program Minimum [Squared] but I would like to program it more like S&S. The idea is to do these trainings...
  7. Oscar

    Kettlebell What to focus on when performing swings and GU

    Hi all, Reading the forum I came across so many tips to perform better the swing and the GU. For instance, for the the swing I have read "bell shouldnt flip at bottom position", "hinge back", "dont hinge until your arms almost touch your inner tigh", do a vertical plank", "engage lats", "pack...
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