1. Tactical Barbell: "Operator" template, "SWAT" cluster

    Find current training program beginning Post #62 [Background] 32, M, 6'0, 190lbs (200lbs as of July '19). Married (10 yrs), 2 kids (6 and 1). Was a true gym bro in high school and did bodybuilding splits but always prioritized chest and arms days, and usually skipped legs days . Inactive...
  2. Bauer

    QL Straddle Stretch

    I am currently following S+S and try to keep it Pavel. I do find that when I DON'T do the stretches that my glutes, QL or hamstrings tend to bother me the next day. So I dig the stretches as restorative tools. However, the QL straddle stretch tends to give me a tense neck and headaches. I...
  3. Staying in the splits(kind of) for hours?

    I wanted to open the splits so I had that idea where I sit on my computer and, while facing the computer on the computer chair(the one which has hand-rests and goes circular) and put my right leg in the circle of the right hand-rest and put my left leg in the circle of the left hand-rest so they...
  4. Marius_Lefter

    Gymnastic bridge progressions

    Hi to everyone. Long time since I have been present around here. With regard to my previous posts, I am happy to report that my elbows, wrists and shoulders are very very well, received proper training from Hector Guttierez, Jr. (fantastic instructor, coach and friend) regarding swing, goblet...
  5. Time under tension for relax into stretch

    I am starting the relax into stretch routine and for the stretches I was wondering how long do you hold each stretch or do you keep going until you can`t go any deeper?
  6. Bauer

    Question S+S stretches for the ultra tight

    I am sure that the QL straddle and the 90/90 stretches are quite a stretch for some :D The book doesn't really address how to work around your limitations if you can't even get into the respective starting positions. My personal answer: I have found it to be extremely helpful to elevate the...
  7. Oscar

    Question Help with S&S stretching exercises?

    Hi all, I'm not finding it easy to do the S&S stretching exercises. On both exercises I find it hard to hold the position as I find both quite uncomfortable (besides the stretch feel that is usually not that confortable). Also, for the 90-90, I'm not so sure how to find the position or if I'm...
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