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    Hello all,

    I have searched the forums here and have found some, but not much concerning gada swings. The interwebs has provided some good information but you good people may have suggestions on where else to look. I have just begun adding 360s and 10 to 2s into my warm up and greasing the groove throughout the day. Really enjoying the practice, I have noticed improved upper thoracic extension throughout the day and shoulders are feeling good. I had SLAP surgery years ago and was a bit worried, but the swings have been seem to be helping with mobility and stability. I started with a 6# sledgehammer and can now comfortable use a 20# mace from Onnit. You sure feel it when you let gravity help you and the pullover motion on the return is very satisfying.

    I completed my clinic abroad in India in 2010 and wish I had been on the lookout to see locals train. Interested to hear any experiences you all have had, thanks!
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    Have you checked out Paul Taras Wolkowinski on youtube? He has a ton of info about maces, Indian clubs, meels, etc. Wonderful intelligent person.

    I actually first found my love of weight training via sledgehammer workouts. Heard of shovelgloving? It’s weirdness appealed to me and took me from it to maces to clubs to kettlebells. I enjoy the unconventional old school stuff a lot.
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    Once you learn how to let go and stop working against the weight/gravity in the "behind the back"-position it really opens up the thoracic spine and shoulders and the subsequent pullover becomes really explosive.
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    @Geoduck is he an Aussie gentleman? I may have, but will check again. Lol I will have to check out shovelgloving.

    @Kettlebelephant there have been a few 'Aha!' moments and I expect it will be an ongoing process. I have started with 1 arm 360s 6# hammer and definitely know when technique is not dialed in!
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    He's an ex-pat Brit and now he lives in Oz.

    He had an international tour planned to kick off some time around now (I think) but he had to call it off because he's in treatment for cancer. I hope it works out well for him.

    The guy is a legend
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    @Tarzan sorry to hear about the cancer, hope that it goes well for him. Thanks for the info.
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