I know there's no such thing as a dumb question but....


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I see a lot of people in the training logs talk about A+A training, and am trying to learn more about it and see what it would mean (potentially) for carryover into preparation for training in BJJ. So far, I have found the call for research that Al Ciampa posted a while back and a couple of articles that seem to make sense:

From “Simple” to Serious Endurance
From Simple to Sinister: Waving Volume on S&S

Am I wrong to think that's all there is to it? At this rate, I'm a 32kg kettlebell without a handle that murders my palm on one arm swings showing up on my doorstep away from having "Simple" in the bank and was just thinking about what to do with the program next. Are there any other articles on A+A training that I should glass before looking to plan things out?
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