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Planche & One Arm Chin Ups - Workouts

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@Zach Hall
A tip I recently found for FL (even if I use a bar, it might work). I grab the bar with the base of my fingers (so I use a kind of "hook"). I do not use a full hand grip. Then, I do as if I wanted to "twist the bar".

It permits to create a lot of tension in the forearms and scapula, which makes the move easier. This is all controlled by the CNS.

When you do that, you then just have to focus on glutes and ab contraction to maintain a straight position. I noticed an improvement using this technique in only a few sessions.

I hope it can help you a little even you're already doing a very great job ;)

Kind regards,

So what does your schedule look like atm?

Also you might read up a bit more on Power Snatch and Power Clean techniques (those are what you're doing btw... The true Clean and Snatch descend to a full Squat to catch the weight). You might get away with pulling mostly with your arms at the beginning, but you won't be able to once it gets heavy. I'd try to groove the correct technique since the very beginning (using hips). Just a tip. Learning the O-lifts is a whole animal into itself!

Digging the Back Lever addition. But I'm obviously biased. Calisthenics rules!
Rock on brother.
My routine has now become 2 weeks before repeating itself. I don't plan to add anymore workouts anytime soon. I'm also biased towards calisthenics, but I really do enjoy the variety now.

Three days per week. 6 different workouts. 2 main exercises each day.

-Planche and One Arm Chin
-Deadlifts and Front Squats
-Weighted Pull Ups and Dips
-Snatch and Clean and Jerk
-Handstand Push Ups and Front Lever
-Weighted Pistols and Glute Ham Raises

4x5 of each exercise. I also have 1 conditioning exercise for each lower body day and 1 assistance exercise for each upper body day.

I really enjoy the Olympic lifts and can't wait to improve in them!
So now it's 1 One Arm Chin and Planche workout every 14 days then? Isn't that way too little frequency to improve on them? You will only have like 20 Planche/OACU workouts left this year and only about 26 of them a year.

Do you think that there's the possibility that by spreading yourself out too thin, you won't be able to dedicate any one given skill the necessary training time? You seem to be doing excellently right now so I mainly ask about your thoughts on that. I'm sure you have reasoning!
Absolutely. I question my routine every day. That said, I really think some moves complement each other so well that it won't feel like 2 weeks. Weighted pull ups and front lever and one arm chins are working similar muscles. Planche and back lever are both very bicep intense and I've read that weighted dips really help as well. The only thing I worry about with planche is the skill aspect. So, I'll continue to monitor progress until it seems to stall or regress, and then change something if necessary. I'm still pretty new to all this, but I think most people who don't stick with working out do so because of lack of progress. So far, by spacing it my workouts I feel like I've given myself less opportunity to plateau and burn out, but time will tell!
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