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Mike Lindner SFG II

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Certified Instructor
Saturday was pretty intense with double 24kgs:

10 swings 1 squat
9 swings 2 squats
8 swings 3 squats
7 swings 4 squats
6 swings 5 squats
5 swings 6 squats
4 swings 7 squats
3 swings 8 squats
2 swings 9 squats
1 swings 10 squats


Sunday was a little but made sure to get my work in

24kg TGU's - 5 reps each side

2x24kg CNP 5x5

32kg CNP 3x2 each side


Kept is basic and was very pleased to see how the 32 felt on the clean and presses. Still a challenge but definitely getting better.


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ROP Medium Day

10 min SJ, 5 min (pump, fwsq, Halo), 5 min Arm Bar, 16, 24, 32, L/R Approx 30 sec under each bell

C&P 24kg  5(4,3,3,3,3) + 5 PU, no rest between rungs for first 4 ladders, Last ladder Dead cleans each side beginning of each rung.

11 min Swg, all 1 handed 24kg,  Left then right:  (10,10,10,10) (10,10, 5, 5) (10, 10) (10, 10), (10, 10, 5, 5) (5, 5, 5, 5,) (10,10) (5, 5)

Grip Training:  Sledge Rotations l/r 2(5), lever ups l/r 2(5), reverse lever up l/r 2(5)

COC T 5 l/r, #1.5 3(3 l/r), #1 (5 l/r), T (10 l/r)



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ROP Heavy Day

SJ 10 min, 5 min pump, halo, fwsq

24kg C&P  3(5,4,4, + PU) 2(4,4, no pu)

sw  30/30 work rest  32kg 4(15),  16kg 3(10l, 10r)

Grip,  Sledge 2(5 rotation, front, rear), COC  T 5L/R, 1.5  3(3) #1 5l/r,  T 15l/r;,,  25lb blob  2(5l/r),

wrist rolls  2x


Steve Freides

Senior Certified Instructor
Elite Certified Instructor
Been taking an off week from the barbell, doing pistols and pushups, and today did

5 towel pullups - felt great, haven't done these much when fresh, love the rings-like way your hands get to find the right orientation.  I used a single towel and just grabbed one end with each hand.


Don Stevenson

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Last session was an IPF Raw powerlifting competition yesterday

105kg / 231# category

Squat 192.5kg / 424#

Bench press 125kg / 275#

Deadlift 250kg / 550#

Chris Veilegaard

Level 2 Valued Member
Hi Ron,

I was wondering if there's a purpose for why do such heavy weights for the armbar.. i usually just use 8kg or 12kg. I am wondering so I know whether I should be increasing my weights and as I would like to know if it's recommended to go that heavy (32kg).


My last session: test day

1 x tactical pullup, 1 x TGU 24kg, 2 x SW 3 R/L 32kg, 2 x Cl3 R/L 32kg

CnP 32kg (first ever attempt)

1L + 2R


10mins Snatch 16kg: 188.

(slowed down when i hit 140 grip started failing)


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Hey Chris,

This is just my personal opinion so hopefully others that know more will chime in if I'm incorrect.

Currently my next bell is the 32, I'm at 4l and 6r  4 weeks ago when I last tested, but I still have problems doing the TG with that bell.  So I use it to start getting my body used to using that weight, it insures I keep my shoulders packed, and keeps me from losing tension overall.  This also gets me used to the balance point of this bell.  Now this is assuming that the person is doing this for strength and not rehab purposes.

Hope that helps and congrads on your new PR with the 32.

I'll be attending the SFG kettlebell course this weekend and I'll get a definitive answer from Master Engum.

Gabby Eborall

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Easy Strength (kinda):

15 minutes of crawling, rolling and Yamuna ball work.

ArmBar 16k 2x2, TGU 16k 2x2

1x5 chinup, 1x5 pullup, Double Jerks - 12k 1x5, 14k 1x5, 16k 1x5. Single Jerks 16k 2x4 r/l.

16k DFSQ 2x5

Bent Press 16k 2x2 r/l

16k snatch 15/15

abwheel 2x5 (knees)



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Moved on from the 5X5. For the next month, I'll wrestle the bear.

10 sets of 5 deadlift.

10 sets of 5 press.

This was yesterday. Went home after and cleaned out the fridge, took a two hour nap, and woke up to every muscle in my body aching. The foam roller has met his match. Was a good day.

Mike Lindner SFG II

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Certified Instructor
Re-doing the PM for 4 weeks after the first cycle of KB Strong.

4 Rounds of  Halos, Face the wall squats, and pumps for 10 minutes with 24 kg


6 x 20 swings 32kg


Joint mobility work and stretches to cool down.


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Last 5 weeks at deployment, over here they do have KB's but the heaviest one is 50 lbs. Last week (after reading the posts here) I decided to re-start the PM again with the 50 lbs KB. Only difference the TGU days are longer, so instead of 5 minutes I do more, but it is still TGU based. Today started the second week.

- 8 TGU sit-ups left
- 9 one leg deadlifts (KB in left hand)
- 35 hindu squats
- 8 TGU sit-ups right
- 9 one leg deadlifts (KB in right hand)
- 35 hindu squats
- 4 x 1/1 TGU and press
- 4 ring pullups
- 60 secs rest


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Took a two-day rest and then started on day two of wrestling the bear.

Made it to 10 sets of deadlifts, 10 sets of overhead press. Now... it's time for steak and eggs and a nap.

Jim Lauerman

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So as not to bore everyone with repetive posts, here's what I do:


Monday and Thursday 24 Kg swings @ 16:44 work to rest (about 10 reps per set) Currently at 12 minutes. When that gets too easy (using heart rate as a guide) I'll increase to 13 minutes, etc. up to 20 minutes.  Then I'll stay at 20 minutes and gradually increase the work/rest ratio to a max of 20:40. When that gets too easy I'll get a 28 Kg bell and go back to 16:44 for 12 minutes and start over.

Tuesday and Friday 24 Kg TGU's altenating sides for 5:00. When that gets too easy I'll increase the time in 30 second increments until I reach 10 minutes. Then I'll use the 28 Kg bell and drop back to 5 minutes and start over.

Ultimate goal: 12 minutes of 20:40 on swings and 5 minutes of TGU's all with a 32 Kg bell.

That's good enough.

Warm ups and coold downs and off days are Original Strength resets, at least three a day. On swing days I also do FTWSqs, halos, pumps, hamstring stretches and Brettzells.

I'll post again when I progress to the 28Kg bell.


Steve Freides

Senior Certified Instructor
Elite Certified Instructor
Deadlift on 3-inch platform: 265 lb x 5 reps x 3 sets.


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On Mon. and Wed. I do a kettlebell class then an hour of BJJ and on Wed an additional 90 Judo class. Tues I do the workout I'm going to post, Thur light swim today will do Tues's workout again:

warm up with swings and goblet squats then squat 2/10 w 205 my bodyweight, 3/10 single leg dead lift w/ 70 barbell, farmers walk 2/1min carries of 2 90lb dumbells w 1min rest. 3/5 bench press 205, 3/5 pull ups with 15lbs on, 3/5 60 dumbells superset w/ 3/10 dips, 3/5 curls 55 dumbells superset with tricep pull downs 65 on a machine. 2/5 hanging leg raise and 10 ab wheels from kneeling. Sometimes I finish up with snatch ladder with my 20kg can get 110 under 5min.

my point with this is to get to game changer levels from Dan John's book intervention but 2x body weight DL is going to have to wait till my rt leg stronger from old knee injury.


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Week two of The Bear began today.

Moved up from ten to fifteen sets on the deadlift.

Stayed at ten sets on the overhead press.

21,475 pounds total volume for the day.
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