StrongFirst Foundations Workshop

StrongFirst foundations workshop, kettlebell swings

StrongFirst is the School of Strength.

Developing lasting strength is about the practice of becoming more impervious to life’s stresses and increasing our ability to withstand them—whether they are things to move or tough jobs to tackle. Growing stronger builds our capability reserves so that what was previously hard…is less so. And because life takes less of a toll, you’ve got energy to spare to enjoy it. The alternative is not a future we wish on anyone.

StrongFirst is the School of Strength. And our strength system is built on a foundation of principles that withstand the test of time, of circumstances, and of experience. We build stronger people for life, not just for the gym or lifting platform.

StrongFirst foundations workshop, instructing the deadlift

Since physical strength is the foundation for every other physical quality, we use kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight training to teach you the skills you need that, when practiced, builds solid strength—safely and effectively—without interfering with your daily life, job, or sport.

The StrongFirst Foundations Workshop was specifically designed to introduce you to our proven principles through expert coaching and hands-on practice, whether your preference is using kettlebells, barbells, or your own bodyweight as resistance.

StrongFirst foundations workshop, instructing the plank

Covered in this StrongFirst Foundations Workshop:

  • Power Breathing—harness your breath for safety, performance, and power.
  • Plank (horizontal to vertical)—not the typical gym plank, but an advanced skill to develop tension and resilience for everything from standing to lifting.
  • Deadlift (Barbell)—forge gravity-defying hip, back, midsection, and grip strength.
  • Kettlebell Swing—the ultimate full-body strength and conditioning skill for dynamic power, explosiveness, and coordination.
  • Pushup—the confident solid upper body push we should have been taught.

Some exercises may sound familiar; but we will teach and re-engineer them in ways you’ve never experienced. You’ll feel first-hand what strength, StrongFirst, and our principles are about, and know exactly how you can benefit from them.

StrongFirst foundations workshop, theory