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profilephoto01-0011G00000nZL5kQAGI'm Marta, a certified StrongFirst Certified Team Leader and a personal trainer by passion and profession. Movement accompanied me for most of my life, and my first beloved sport was basketball.

After graduation, I started a typical desk job with lots of cookies, coffee and extra weight. It took me six years to realize that it wasn't the path I wanted to follow, but finally, I decided to swap high heels for socks.

Kettlebells gave me strength, helped to lose weight and improved my mobility, which also transferred to a better performance in other activities.

Our bodies are meant to move and they work best when active. I decided to tie my future to the School of Strength and help others experience the vast benefits of kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training.

If you need a hand with improving your exercise technique, programming for a specific event or simply starting your fitness journey, let me help :)

Power to you!

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IG: steel.animal
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Marta is an excellent personal trainer! -- Highly recommended!

Looking for a coach to start the Simple and Sinister program, I was lucky to find Marta, an Elite Instructor, right here in Geneva.

Starting from zero in January this year, I am now swinging 24kg and just did my first 24kg TGU. Progress beyond my expectations in less than 3 months, thanks to Marta's coaching.

Marta is very professional and knowledgeable with a talent for teaching and a way of sharing her enthusiasm. I can recommend Marta without any reservations to anybody who needs strength coaching and I am looking forward to keeping working with her to reach my Simple and Sinister goals :-)

Excellent coach. Very precise coaching, every detail counts, from breathing to tension and flexibility etc. If you want to make a great progression, you can count on her. Highly recommended.

I am totally hooked. I've been training with Marta for just two months and have felt already a true change in both my strength and my motivation. She is a professional: extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and the science of strength and fitness, while also clearly possessing a grasp on sports psychology (as she magically manages to encourage and motivate more each class). She prioritizes proper form and safety to help us progress without injury. I'd rate her ten stars if allowed!

Training under the vision of Marta is an amazing opportunity.
Her skills are so incredible. Her professionalism goes into all the details of the movements. The results are just fantastic.
I am greatful for the having the honor and the pleasure to be coached by such a wonderful soul.
Thank you Marta you are a life changer !

Marta is a truly awesome coach, professional, committed and knowledgable. It has been a pleasure to attend her classes ( cannot wait for next one!) . Marta’s personal example and passion keep you motivated and, moreover, make you challenge yourself every time you work with her. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your fitness activities , I highly recommend Marta to guide and coach you to your next level.

Adam Żulicki
Professionalism, knowledge, physical fitness, strength are the features of a good trainer. Marta has all this and something more, a talent for working with people. I recommend it with all my heart.


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