Strong Endurance™ Testimonials

Professional endorsements:

I was very inspired when I attended the Strong Endurance seminar with Pavel. I like the science that he has put into looking at strength and endurance in a completely different perspective. Whether we realize it or not, he’s handing us a less-is-more approach and an efficient and effective way to achieve the maximum benefit of each workout without doing too much or too little.

Gray Cook, founder of Functional Movement Systems and author of Movement

In my 20 plus years of coaching, I have come across only a handful of training methodologies that have greatly influenced the way I program. Pavel’s breakthrough program has been a game changer not only for my endurance athletes; Strong Endurance has made me a much better coach to my professional athletes.

But do not let the word “endurance” make you think it is all about long distance running or doing 1,000’s of swings; this program is about creating intelligent, sustainable programs for any population. The seminar takes very complex subjects and presents them in a way that is very educational, but more importantly, very simple to implement. I sincerely believe that any fitness professional who attends the Strong Endurance seminar will come out a much better coach. Thank you, Pavel, for sharing!!

—Peter Park, strength and conditioning coach for Kelly Slater and Lakey Peterson (surfing), Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Verlander, Aj Ramos (baseball); Xavier Henry, Greivis Vasquez (basketball), Ken Roczen and Adam Cianciarulo (motocross), Lance Armstrong (cycling).

With his Strong Endurance seminar, Pavel Tsatsouline makes one of the most significant contributions to the strength and conditioning community in the last 30 years. Plenty of what we’ve been taught about endurance has been based on research that was misinterpreted, ignored, or incorrect. In this era, we’re fortunate to have Pavel teach us to be more efficient. He spent years perusing research in biochemistry, physiology and psychology from around the globe, and then distilled it all into practical applications that will benefit any trainer, coach or fitness enthusiast that seeks extraordinary performance. Since attending the seminar, and subsequently incorporating the parameters and strategies, my athletes have experienced remarkable improvements in endurance.
Dr. Chad Waterbury, creator of the Corrective Exercise Specialist certification course