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Hello Karen - thanks for posting this and all the articles you put up on the website for all of us to read!
so informative and packed full of information. Thank you!

I am curious about the StrongFirst body weight programming/ programs you mention in this post...
I have read and tried to incorporate them into my training but unfortunately they are still a little to advanced for me.
Does Strong First offer any 'beginner programs" for purchase or on the website?
can the "anytime - anywhere" program be scaled down to someone like myself but maybe I fail to have the knowledge how to do this?
Or - is this something i would have to program myself?

I am most interested in the...
push-up ( and its progressions)
Pull-Up ( and its progressions)
Dips ( and its progressions)
Squats ( and its progressions)

and how to program for a 3 times a week training template.
if this is the wrong place for me to ask this question could you please point me in the direction please.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
There are many progressions for each of the skills for beginners but in order to lead you in the right direction I would need to know where you are on each skill you are interested in programming. Please send me videos of your skills to my karen.smith@strongfirst.com email.
We also teach some program in the course and dive deeper into programming at the instructor certification.


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My bodyweight training is the two exercises of chinups and ring dips, done GTG which is the best way.
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