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@natewhite39 I am about to be the father of twins. My wife understands that I need to train, and she seems accommodating now. I think things may change. once they actually arrive. How long does your training take? Do you do it in one session, or when possible? Do You each get some personal time each day?

So many questions. Just asking someone who has been there. I may try to do a quick and dirty PTTP when possible after they are born.

P.S. I love Hawaii also.


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@Geoff Chafe First of all, congrats on your twins sir. Yes, I am a bit fortunate as a personal trainer I work at a fully stocked gym so it is easy for me to fit in my training between client appointments. If not, I have kettle bells and club bells at home. I keep my sessions at around 1 hour, working on the basics mostly with a specific focus changing every 4-6 weeks. Right now I am focused on my press as I have SFGII coming up at the end of April. All the best to you and your family.
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