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  1. Arn


    Hey Guys. I`m currently working on getting a 200 kg. deadlift as a primary goal. Right now i have a max DL of 165 kg, pull-up at 15, and a military press of 60 kg. With my job in law-enforcement and martials-arts training i am able to build stength three times a week. I have been doing...
  2. Other/Mixed Painful stiffness in upper trapezius - advice to lose & warm-up?

    Hi comrades in steel, Since a while I have increasing and painful stiffness in the upper traps. Waver: I take full, unlimited responsibility for whether & how I process your feedback or thoughts. Medical checks have been taken (no injury) - I may train after this acute phase. If I do...
  3. xagunos

    Barbell Deficit Deadlifts -- High or Low Hips?

    So I consistently hit a ton of deficit deadlifts. This was from studying Dmitry Klokov as he says it's the most bang for buck lift anyone can do. There are however too types I notice, the high hip, stiff-legged version targeting mostly back and then the low hip, bent-legged version that includes...
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