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  1. StrongFirst

    [BOOK OF THE MONTH] Deadlift Dynamite

    Deadlift Dynamite will take you from your first steps in the iron game to as far as you are willing to go—all the way to world class if you have what it takes. Paperback, Kindle, or PDF edition >>> You will learn: –1,000-pound deadlift...
  2. Denys Carthusian

    Kettlebell Adding deadlift days to Simple and Sinister

    Question: I'd like to start adding barbell deadlifts (for general health goals not for competing) alongside S&S and was wondering what articles or tips anyone has for me or perhaps previous threads.
  3. Barbell Duck Deadlift in PTTP: Is it worth it?

    The Duck Deadlift is a quad dominant variation covered in PTTP. Has anyone tried it? Does it have any benefits that a zercher squat wouldn't have? I cannot find much info about the lift outside of PTTP.
  4. WarrenEllis

    ETK-ROP "Russian block training" thoughts and suggestions

    Hello all. ETK mentions block training, ROKB prescribes it. I'd like to do a round of ROP with block training, as I want to continue barbell deadlift and squat practice , but I would also like to reserve my "off days" for mobility work. For those unfamiliar, "Russian block training" refers...
  5. Barbell Deadlifts everyday?

    Hi, Can I do deadlifts everyday? I want to improve my grip strength and trapezius muscles. How many sets and reps should I do if I’m doing deadlifts everyday? Thanks.
  6. Adachi

    Barbell Is sumo easier than conventional?

    I am a nascent novice to barbells. I look to others for guidance on barbell training. (especially Knock Em Dead by @Fabio Zonin ) I don't currently have much more than deadlifts on the horizon. I have from time to time fretted over the differences between training Sumo vs Conventional. I am glad...
  7. Plan Strong - Programming Squats and Deadlifts

    Hey everyone, im hoping someone who has done plan strong could help clear up some confusion, I'm currently prepping for SFL, I'm using the programming methods I learned from Plan strong. My goal is to use it to build up my X2 bodyweight deadlift. I notice Deadlift is partnered with Squats in...
  8. Pavel Macek

    Barbell Be like Steve [Freides]

    @Steve Freides , you rock! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story!
  9. Barbell Adding a third step in a deadlift step cycle, push on, or regressing to a wave cycle?

    I need to decide to repeat a step, push on, or wave a deadlift cycle. My current cycle is a two step, step cycle which I have calculated to peak at the TSC Oct. 39 for 155 to 160 KG. I have one week of slack built into the programming in case something comes up as it always does. 160 is my...
  10. Barbell Adding the Squat to Power to the People?

    I'm looking for a minimalist program that focuses on the Bench, Squat, and Deadlift. PTTP is an extremely interesting program to me and I hear great things about it. I want to implement it as soon as I'm done with bootcamp and whatnot. But I am curious if it'd be too taxing to add Squats to the...
  11. Barbell Overhand vs mixed grip DL ratio standards

    I was just wondering if there are any useful standards to evaluate grip strength when calculating the ratio between what one can pull with a double overhand vs a mixed grip Deadlift. For example, one should be able to pull 80 percent of your one rep max with a mixed grip using a double overhand...
  12. Other/Mixed On swing, sitting and running

    Recently I started again with my regular hill sprinting practice. I felt quite sharp and unpleasant pain in the back of my knees after few workouts. The pain peaked when I was extending the leg, just moment before hitting the ground. Since I have some experience with knee rehab, I knew it was...
  13. Barbell On deadlifting frequency and safety tips in Easy Strength programs.

    So far, the begginner strength programs I found about only recommended deadlifting once a week, rarely twice, and sometimes even on their own day. Yet the Easy Strength program I'm following prescribes doing every move every day. At first, I did not question it, but I'm already starting to feel...
  14. Barbell Deadlift dynamite program

    Hi, I have been lifting on and off for about a year, and recently came off a long forced layoff. I would like to learn the powerlifts (DL,SQ,BP) well before I start practicing them again and to this end I've been reading Deadlift Dynamite. I've read and re-read all the progressions relatively...
  15. Yemout

    Barbell Balancing the Daily Dose Deadlift plan with other strength training

    I'm in the test week of the 5TRM back squat programme, and intending to start the Daily Dose Deadlift plan next week. I'm wondering how best to balance the rest of my training with the programme. At the moment I'm lifting 3 days a week – squats every session (as per the 5TRM programme) followed...
  16. Bajzath

    Grip training, 140 kg deadlift

    New pr.
  17. silveraw

    Barbell Cool breakdown of John Haack's 903 deadlift

    I don't think I've ever seen a max deadlift this smooth!
  18. Kettlebell S&S with deadlifts

    Hey folks! Had a question about temporarily replacing swings with kettlebell deadlifts in S&S. I had back pain to varying degrees for over a year which I'm currently in physio for - I was working on adding in the 24kg but had to take a break for physio since I'm very back and quad dominant. He's...
  19. Jacobcutt

    Other/Mixed Form Check Request

    Good day, Strongfirst men and women! I am requesting technique review. In the link below, there are three videos of me doing some exercises. If you are willing, I would appreciate review and feedback. For context: I'm 5'8", 145 lbs The deadlift was conducted at 295 lbs after a few sets of...
  20. mikhael

    Kettlebell StrongFirst Reload Cycle and S&S

    Hi all, I'm wondering how to schedule a plan in which I would like to have S&S sessions and DL with Squats as in Reload? I have 5-6 sessions of S&S with 32kg (Timeless Simple competed), but I think in order to add some DL and SQ I would have to reduce to 3-4. The main goal would be to get...
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