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  1. Kettlebell ROP

    Team, I am on week two of the ROP. Short info for context: Army Lieutenant, 31 years young, 150lbs, 5'8" tall. Training Kettlebell for approximately 2 years. Achieved timeless simple a year ago with dirty form. Hindsight is 20/20. Have been consistently training an Easy Strength approach for...
  2. Bodyweight Hi Need Help any adv Appreciated

    Hi, Just got into fitness and strength bodyweight. Discovered GTG, now I can only do two pushups and 6 inverted rows Max test on Sunday. So for 5 days this week shall I do 8 rounds daily of both 1 push up and 3 rows untill Friday, then take two days off max test again on Sunday and then see my...
  3. Minimalist

    Bodyweight Learning Splits by "Greasing the Groove"?

    Hello, I'm using isometric stretching three times a week from several months. From Pavel's books I learned that to achieve splits you should build strength. Unfortunately I have problems with relaxing my groins, so maybe I should applicate GTG for building strength in my groins?
  4. Oscar

    Other/Mixed GTG vs. Easy Strength volume

    Hi all, I'm curious about the comparison of recommended volume between Naked Warrior and Easy Strength. As far as I recall from the books, both programs are daily training. Easy Strength suggests a volume of about 10 reps per day. About NW, there are no specific volume guidelines as far as I...
  5. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Pavel Tsatsouline on GTG, optimal rep count and rest duration for strength

  6. Other/Mixed Questions about Grease the Groove

    Does Grease the Groove (GtG) have carryover? If I become better at doing pull-ups doing GtG will that improve my deadlift? Is GtG more applicable to exercises that have a large skill component such a pull-ups than exercises that do not have a large skill component such as leg press? Does GtG...
  7. Carl

    Bodyweight Volume threshold - pull ups and elbows

    Hi all, My elbows start to complain if my pull-ups or chin ups exceed a certain volume threshold (generally around 30 or so in a session). I have tried various tactics, slow and steady, breaking down the reps in varied ways (ladders, gtg etc) rotations of grips etc but elbows just do not...
  8. Inaki Legorburu

    Bodyweight Combining GTG with super slow pushup

    Does such a combination make sense? With my 260 lbs my max is 10 normal pushups, so I normally grease the groove with 4 normal pushups. However when I go really slow, say 20 seconds down and 20 seconds up, then 1 rep is my max (sometimes only the negative!). Does it make sense to do the super...
  9. André Martins Tauk

    Bodyweight Fail to reach 10 reps mark in gtg

    I've been doing pistol squat weightened, pull up weightened and one arm push up 6x a week using the gtg method. Every time I hit 10 reps (after doing half of the max every day, 4 to 5 series of 1 to 5 reps) I increase the weight, as Pavel teach in the gtg. I can make easy 5x5, with 2 min rest...
  10. Bodyweight GtG placement in a mesocycle. Where is best?

    Hi all, this is my first post and I hope I put it in the right place. First off, I am a soldier and am required to pass a fitness test of high rep push ups and sit ups. I am using Grease the groove to up my number of reps for this event. I had read that GtG only works for 2-3 weeks until...
  11. Barbell Pttp is not going well for presses a possible alternative ?

    Good similar daily program ? Maybe the justa singles programs but the problem is i can only can go 5 days a week to the gym not 7 any help and thanks !!!! Also there is this special deadlift program that pavel apparently wrote from an old thread is this for real !!!! And could a similar type of...
  12. Barbell Questions abou the mr tatsoulines philosophy

    The power to the people book changed my mind about lifting in general for about a month to a month and a half ive been on pttp for deadlifts and its been awesome ive also been using the russian fighter program with weights for pull ups but i have some questions Today i hit on my 8th day of my...
  13. Chrisdavisjr

    Barbell Heavy deadlift singles for maintaining strength and muscle mass

    Being 'in between programs' and having made less time to train recently, I've been seizing opportunities to do GTG sets of pull-ups and heavy deadlift singles (typically about 5 or 6) when I get the chance (usually every three days or so) and I'm wondering if performing occasional heavy...
  14. Kettlebell S&S with GTG

    I want to train to a full depth pistol squat, but am also finding S&S to be extremely effective. Can I do S&S four or five times per week while GTG on pistol squat? Or are they better left separate?
  15. Training for Life

    Bodyweight Looking for advice designing a program with incorporated GTG

    Greetings, I recently started doing training after a few years of couch potato life and am quite interested of how to incorporate GTG into training. I did a bit over three months of bodyweight training up to this point with five sessions per week (Mon Lower Body, Tue Upper Body + Core, Wed Yoga...
  16. Coughs

    Other/Mixed Getting strong on Deadhang

    Hello, I recently listened to a podcast from Pavel Tsatsouline and he said that most people should focus on getting really strong on their grip and core as that will increase performance on everything else. I already do a basic strength program. I want to get strong at bodyweight deadhangs and...
  17. Oscar

    Kettlebell GTG Swings?

    I´m doing S&S, and lately I have been doing the swings in a GTG manner throughout the morning a few times a week. I then save 10 minutes in the evening to do the TGUs. The other days I just do regular S&S. This is how I do it: Before the first set, I do a few goblet squats, halos and bridges...
  18. Carl

    Bodyweight Programming Pull Ups (SF style)

    All styles of pull ups (varied grips) are my favourite exercises and a constant in my programmes. I'm wondering what people's experiences are with particular programmes for pull ups using Strong First principles. My current approach is to use variations of GTG style clusters (through the...
  19. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Pro Tips to stay Fresh for longer during Strength Training

    Hello Community :) I want to share with you my three simple ways to stay fresh for longer during Strength Training :) 1. Rolling/Massage Muscles between sets 2. Drink Water between sets 3. Ensure fresh air in the place where you practice What you think about it ? Write below :)
  20. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Bodyweight What is the time range of hold isometric position for best gains in strength ?

    Hello do you know What is the time range of hold isometric position for best gains in strength ? What I mean ? For example the best range of reps for: Strength 1-5 reps Muscle Growth (hypertrophy stimulus) 8-12 reps But how it works on static position ? I read that isometric exercises are good...
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