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  1. Kettlebell When do swing and TGU weights even out?

    Hi fellows, I am currently doing 20kg swings (2 hands) and 16kg TGUs. As per the goals (simple/sinister), when should one expect these weights to even out? For example, the 'simple' goal (men) is 32kg for both swings and TGUs. Would the TGU 'catch up' with the swings as one nears this goal? Or...
  2. damogari

    Kettlebell Snatches sets/rep equivalent to 10x10 of swings

    I am thinking about idea of mixing exercises from Simple & Sinister (Swing & TGU) and old Program Minimum (Snatch & BP) into a "park bench" program between more intensive cycles. It's from Program Minimum [Squared] but I would like to program it more like S&S. The idea is to do these trainings...
  3. dnguyen411

    Kettlebell Personal TGU Revelation Today

    I had a personal revelation with my TGUs today. For the longest time, I've been concentrating on making sure my wrist and arm were straight and perpendicular to my body. However, as the weight got heavier, I should have been concentrating on the center of mass (COM) of the bell itself. It's a...
  4. Kettlebell Newbie with S&S problem

    Hey all, 49yr old male, veteran with my share of physical issues leftover from it. Working through most of them except my left shoulder and TGU's. The shoulder is bone-on-bone, and searing pain through most of the movement. Even halos burn/clack. Anyone been in same position and rehabbed...
  5. jhpowers

    Kettlebell TGU timing

    So, I'm still consistently plugging away at s & s and have been a little frustrated with my TGU progress. One thing that I noted is that Pavel says that you should work towards a 1:1 work:rest ratio to get down to 10 minutes on test day, but I noticed on my stop watch that each rep has been...
  6. Benedictine Monk

    Kettlebell S&S For Dead Heads

    Heh. Based on a variety of consultations I've decided to drop the Swing portion of S&S (for now) and dropped back in the barbell deadlift. I may have to keep this thread going in the Barbell forum, but I thought I'd briefly summarize my thoughts here and anyone can feel free to jump in...
  7. DavThew

    Kettlebell Bent press + TGU combined

    Background: previously and recently (for the second time) acheived Simple however I have realised there are some flaws with my swings and I'm backing off with weight until I see an SFG. Fortunatly I have an SFG user course booked at the end of the week :). Onto the main point. I really like...
  8. Benjamin Renaud

    Barbell Kettlebell Military press or TGU with PTTP

    Hello, I started a PTTP deadlift cycle for the first time about 10-12 days ago. I did not for the time being include any type of pressing. I wanted to know if I could use the KB military press or TGU instead of the barbell side press. The main reason being that I want to train either one since...
  9. Lehrskov

    Kettlebell Foot placement in the get-up Lunge

    Hi everyone I'm working on my get-up skills (@40kg now) and would like some input on the lunge position and how to proceed to standing up with the bell. My issue is feet position and it goes something like this: When I'm at the lunge position, just before standing up with the bell, I've been...
  10. Lehrskov

    Kettlebell Get Up... or scale back ?

    Hi Everyone - I have a TGU phenomenon that I could really use some advice on. I'm following S&S and having a blast. I'm @32kg on the Getup, which has been quite easy for a while. I can do the 10 reps in 7mins on any given day. I can also do them slowly (which I like), and I'm pretty confident...
  11. The Nail

    Kettlebell Pants and TGU

    An odd question - but does anybody know of any durable pants flexible enough to do turkish getups in? Not athletic pants, but pants that could look decent for being out and about and pull double duty to train in. Thanks
  12. The Nail

    Kettlebell S&S Mechanics

    Hi, Anybody know of any literature on the mechanics of the swing and the turkish getup? Thanks Edit: I'm looking for kinesiology/movement mechanics type literature.
  13. GregoryRS

    Kettlebell TGU left side weakness

    GregoryRS here! I'm fairly new to kettlebell practice and have decided to follow the S&S program. I have no issues with the TGU on my right side. I am able to get up (and down) with no weight (elevated sneaker), and with a 16kg kettlebell. My issue is weakness on my left side, particularly...
  14. Kettlebell Rest on TGUs in S&S

    If you're doing simple and sinister, how much rest should you be taking between individual Turkish Get-Ups? In the book, Pavel specifies a 1:1 work:rest ratio. I always thought this was for both swings and get-ups; though the way it's phrased, it's possible he is referring only to swings...
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