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Ruck run today

Ruck 4 miles

Complete each exercise with a partner then alternate carrying the 60lb sandbag with your ruck with your partner around the 25m loop:

25 4-count flutter kicks with ruck overhead
25 push-ups
25 bent over rows
25 squats
25 ruck presses
10 Mr Rucktacular
25 ruck swings
20 ruck overhead lunges
15 ruck thrusters
20 ruck sit-ups

Sandbag ruck around a mile loop with 60lb sandbag on top of ruck alternating with partner
Worked out Wednesday as well

5 cones spaced apart over 75yds. 10 push-ups at each cone, sprint between cones, 10 fireman squats at last cone with partner, then fireman carry around the track (75-100yds) back to first cone and do 10 more fireman squats. Repeat x3


5 pull-ups
5 toe touches
Bear crawl 25m
5 dips
Bear crawl 25m
5 pull-ups
5 toe touches
Lunges 25m
5 dips
Lunge 25
Bear crawl 50m

Run up a hill then: 10 4-count flutter kicks and 10 back extensions. Run down hill and do 10 fireman squats. Repeat x3

Bear crawl 50m up hill then 10 Burpees.
50 minute lsd run today.

Felt good running up hills. Breathing is slowing down and heart rate is staying low. My recovery time is faster now. Last week it was tough to keep to my workout schedule, but I’m getting back on track. Friday’s ruck run was intense, but I was able to stay at the front of the pack. Need to get back to S&S!!
25 jumping jacks
10 squats
10 arm circles forward and backward
10 push-ups

Run up a hill then:

Start at light pole and do the exercise. Then move to the next light pole and complete that exercise. Start over again from the beginning but add the third light pole. Continue in this fashion always starting over from the beginning and increasing exercises.

Exercise 1: 5 burpees
Exercise 2: 10 squat jumps
Exercise 3: 15 thrusters
Exercise 4: 20 push-ups
Exercise 5: 5 burpees

More running, run up a big hill and grab a rock
then do curls and presses with the rock. So 2 curls and then 2 presses etc.


Run back to the start (1/2 a mile)

4 lunges and 4 burpees crossing a 50m parking lot. Run back 50m

4 lunges and 2 burpees same drill.

Power-t flutter kicks 10
Mason twists 20
Peter Parkers 2 minutes (hold plank position, bring left or right leg up like a mountain climber but hold it up until leader says change - GREAT ab exercise)
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Fell off the horse this week. Have a lot of pain in my left shoulder blade that shoots up into my neck. It’s pretty painful. I can turn left but when I try to turn my head to the right it starts up again. No workout so far until this pain goes away. I will try to stretch and foam roll to see if that helps.
Foam rolled a lot over the back area and did some specific ball rolling as well. Tried some one handed swings with the 16kg which felt like it loosened my back muscles up a bit. Tried with the 24kg and felt like that helped somehow too. Still not 100%. It feels like a pinched nerve or muscle. Feeling much better tonight. Planning on rucking and then doing a workout tomorrow morning.
Worked out today and got broke-off. Blame it on a bunch of things but I don't think I was prepared for the humidity, heat, and dehydration going into this.

Run 1/2 mile do 25 pushups and 25 squats with 30lb ruck x 6

99 problems...

Do 99 reps of that exercise then run 1/4 mile and do the next exercise 99 times

1) Star Jacks
2) Pushups
3) Squats
4) Mountain Climbers (1 each leg 1/1, 2/2, 3/3...)
5) Crunches

Finish with core exercises: 10 flutter kicks, 5-10 reps of boat/canoe/sailboat, and 10 hello dollies

Smoked. BUT - no more pain in my back!
Did not workout, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday due to various reasons/excuses/etc.

Rucked today:

1 mile loop stopping 4 times to do 50 squats. And lunge once for 25m

Sprinted 100m with ruck
20 burpees (with ruck)
20 push-ups
20 Lion Kings
Bear crawl 50m uphill
Fireman carry with their ruck and mine up a hill for 25m
Walk backwards up the rest of the hill
20 burpees
20 push-ups

Ruck 4 miles at constant pace (40 minutes)

Definitely feeling weak. Lifted a guy weighing 200lbs plus his 40lb ruck and my 30lb ruck. Even though I could do it - I didn’t FEEL strong. It’s time to get serious with getting stronger. Starting point for me is S&S. It won’t be “pure” S&S, but I’m going to experiment with S&S slowly. Also, since I’m not doing a GoRuck I can back off on ruck runs a bit. The tough part here is I do these things with a group of men and I primarily ruck to be around them more. Not rucking/working out equals not seeing these guys due to our crazy schedules.
First day of S&S complete!

3x5 goblet squats 16kg (no butt wink)
3x5 Halos 16kg (one way)

5x10 TH Swings 24kg (breathed through the nose until rested between sets)

Rest 1 minute

5/5 TGU 16kg (slow, focus on form)

Feeling good! I still have gas left in the tank. I focused on trying to connect my lats more during the swings, bracing, and dropping down a little lower in my hinge. I also tried to play chicken with the bell with my timing. I found my swings starting to “snap” more.

Focused on driving my heel more and keeping my arms in close for the get up. Also, focused on staring at the bell. Took these slow. Gave myself a good pace where I could just keep knocking these out without getting out of breath. Felt good.

My goal is to do S&S as often as possible with 4x a week being the minimum. I may move up to everyday just to experiment with how that feels. I’m tired of being and feeling weak.
Rest day Sunday.

F3 today:

25 side straddle hops
10 arm circles
10 dive bombers

Hold squats for a certain number of seconds,do that same number of squats then sprint 50m, do 2 Burpees, sprint back.

10 seconds, 10 squats
20 seconds, 20 squats
30 seconds, 30 squats
40 seconds, 40 squats
50 seconds, 50 squats

4 stations 2 exercises each station. 60 seconds each station. Rotate through 2x.

Station 1) 25 flutter kicks/25 star bursts

Station 2) 25 hello dollies/25 smurf jacks

Station 3) 25 dry docks/25 narrow squats

Station 4) 25 backward lunges/15 shoulder taps

10 push-ups
Run the hill
9 push-ups at the top
Run downhill
8 push-ups
Run uphill
1 at the top
Run down

20 mason twists
10 left crunches
10 right crunches

Cash out ATMs.
15 4-count shoulder taps, immediately transition to 10 tempo push-ups, and then 10 regular push-ups as fast as you can.

I’m going to attempt S&S tonight and see how it feels.
Did not do S&S last night because I have found that I am not very good at keeping my word. That was tough to swallow today, but it was a great wake up call for me. So, I did S&S tonight, and I will be rucking tomorrow along with the workout.

3x5 Goblet Squats 16kg
3x5 Hip Bridges
3x5 Halos 16kg

Rest 1 minute

5x10 Swings 24kg
5/5 Get ups 16kg

Felt good. Need to work on not going so deep in my Goblet Squats yet...New workout plan for this log:

Monday - F3
Tuesday - S&S
Wednesday - F3
Thursday - S&S
Friday - Ruck
Saturday - S&S/lsd
Sunday - S&S/lsd
Woke up at 4:20AM today to workout.

Did a traditional ruck workout

30lb ruck marched around a 1/2 mile loop for a warmup.

Then added 60lb pipe on top of ruck and walked up a hill. 10 squats at the top. walk back down. pushups with ruck until partner finished carrying the pipe.

Same as above except alternate with ruck curls

Same as above except alternate with ruck swings

ruck march with 60lb pipe for 1/2 mile to the bottom of another hill

Lion Kings until partner gets back
Walk up hill with 60lb pipe stop and do 10 lunges each leg and back down

ruck march with 60lb pipe 1/2 mile

30 Flutter Kicks
20 Sit ups

Ruck 1/2 mile back to start.
S&S day:

3x5 Goblet Squats 16kg
3x5 Hip Bridges
3x5 Halos 16kg

5x10 Swings 24kg

Rest 1 minute

24, 16,24, 16, 24 Getups

Missed my AM workout so did it after putting my daughter to bed. Threw in the 24kg for Getups to see how it felt. I felt strong but not stable. After the 24 the 16 felt solid. I was really able to dial in my technique.

Doing a brutal ruck tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how I feel after my S&S session tonight.
Got the dog crap beat out of me today:

Ruck 1/2 mile. 20 push-ups, 20 squats. Ruck back.

11’s: Coffin sit-ups and plank jacks at the bottom of the hill. Run/walk backwards up the hill. Burpees and mr. incredible at the top. Run around the parking lot 200m.

Start with 10 reps at the bottom and 1 at the top. Go down by 1 at the bottom and up by 1 at the top until you have 5 reps at the bottom and 6 at the top.


15 Lion Kings - 2 lunge/1 squat across 25m - 15 wide push-ups - low crawl 25m back. Repeat 3, 4, or 5 times (can’t remember, I just know it sucked)


25 4-count flutter kicks
30 mason twists

ATMs - 15 shoulder taps, 10 tempo push-ups, 10 regular push-ups (no ruck - all other exercises included the ruck).

Despite feeling sore in my knees from the low crawl I’m feeling good. Last night’s S&S session left me with gas in my tank and maybe even prepared me for this morning. I was in front during the 11s, and in the top 3 on the crawls. Not bad considering 1 of those three was baby crawling!!
Here’s an interesting fact: After getting completely destroyed yesterday I would normally take it easy on the weekend and be sore the next day. I woke up sore and beat up but decided to try a light S&S session anyway....And I felt like the get ups were too easy!!! I recovered my breathing faster during my swings!!! I felt like throwing the 24kg in during the getups!!! What The Hell?


3x5 Goblet Squats 16kg
3x5 Hip Bridges
3x5 Halos 16kg


5x10 Swings 24kg

Rest 1 minute

5/5 Getups 16kg

Feeling strong!
Didn’t workout this AM. But had some time to make that up just now.

3x5 GS
3x5 HB
3x5 Halo

5x10 Swings 24kg

5/5 TGU 24kg

Threw the 24kg in to see how it felt. It felt challenging but good!! I’m feeling stronger!
Worked out yesterday

21 side straddle hops
12 4 count squats
15 4 count push-ups
10 cherry pickers
10 arm circles forward/backwards

Circuit 1: In as many rounds as possible within the time frame.

15 burpees
Shuttle run
21 push-ups
21 flutter kicks 4-count
15 box jumps

15 tuck jumps
Lunge 25m
21 dry-docks
21 mason twists
15 bench dips

Run up the hill to a field:

1 minute of dry-docks (50)
Run 50m
1 burpee
Run back
1 minute of dry docks (40)
1 minute of narrow squats (60)
Run 50m
2 burpees
Run back
Worked out Wednesday


Ruck 1 mile loop slow with 60lb sandbags and 30lb pack. Stopped every mile and did 20 push-ups and 20 squats with the ruck. Did loop twice.

21 side straddle hops
21 squats
21 mountain climbers

20 squats
Sprint 20m
2 burpees x3

Run 1/4 mile to next station:

30,25,20,15,10 reps

Squat jumps then run backwards for 25m turn around and sprint 50m. Then do Dry docks.

Bearway to heaven: Bearcrawl in suicide fashion up to 7 cones spaced 5m a part. Do Burpees at the start. Add 1 more for each cone.

Workout Friday: Ruck

Slow ruck with 60lbs. Stop every 500m and do 50 squats with the sandbags (3 stations).

Sprint 100m with all weight. Do 20 8-counts and 20 Lion Kings. Bear crawl 50m. Carry 60lb sandbags and two men carry 150lb sandbag on a stretcher alternating with the others. Drop sandbags.

Ruck 2 miles. We had a couple guys out of shape so I had to improvise:
Stop every 500m and do 50 squats. Sprint 100m twice up a hill.

Modified MARSOC card:
30 push-ups at bottom of hill
Run up hill
30 squats
Run downhill
30 mountain climbers
Run uphill 30 starbursts (without ruck)
Run downhill
30 lunges

30 flutter kicks
27 burpees (no ruck)
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