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  1. workout union

    Bodyweight The Hardest Push Up

    hey there guys, how's your training? Today I want to ask you if you ever tried the 90 Degree Handstand Push Up, in my opinion is another level of pushing, it's a really complete push move and its just works on overall strenght! If you haven't tried it I really recommend you do, or starting...
  2. NoahMarek

    Bodyweight High volume bodyweight training

    I have been reading recently about Herschel Walker and the Great Gama’s training styles. Both involve very high volumes of bodyweight training exercises (obviously a bit extreme but the principles can still be applied). I am gonna give this a go and focus on push up variations, squat/lunge...
  3. Maine-ah KB

    Bodyweight Training and Camping

    hey all so in a few weeks I will be off to Newfoundland, for a 6week camping trip. it will be a great couple of weeks filled with hiking and grilling. heres the thing I want to keep up some basic level of strength training during this time. I'll have gymnastics rings with me and some heavy duty...
  4. Starting Strength

    Hi, I am Adam, greetings form Poland :) I am 23, 173 cm and 78 kg. I've been training regulary since 2010, when I took up kickboxing. Since then I haven't had any breaks from sport other than caused by health issues. In 2012/2013 I got interested myself into bodywheight training and started...
  5. Bajzath

    Bodyweight One hand tiger push up

    First probably one hand tiger push up.
  6. Bodyweight One Arm Push-Up & Biceps Tendonitis

    Happy Friday everyone! I have a recurring issue with my one arm push-up, that I wanted to share with you in hopes of some feedback. I have had biceps tendonitis off and on for years, to varying degrees. Oddly enough, I tend to do fine with overhead movements for the most part, but something...
  7. Steve Rogers

    A Lifestyle of Strength

    Hello everyone, My goal is to complete the S&S workout plan up to the 48kg Beast. I don’t have a timeline because I want to do this right. I also don’t want to sideline myself with an injury. I’m 32 years old. 160lbs. At 5’ 7”. My purpose for this training log is to get feedback from this...
  8. Bodyweight Strength for Competitive 1-Mile to 10K (6.2 Mi) Runner

    Hello, StrongFirst Community! I am a currently uninjured male. I have been injured before (Achilles), but I am cleared for full physical activity (and even if I wasn't [something about contraindication]) I am currently a seventeen-year-old male who stands 5' 9.5" inches tall and weighs 145...
  9. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Passive or Active Rest in strength training ?

    What do you prefer to do between sets? Passive or Active Rest ? Passive : Do nothing, seat etc Active : Walking, Stretching etc During passive rest I lose my energy to training faster than in active. What is the best option in your opinion ? Can you explain why ? What is your experience ?
  10. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Pro Tips to stay Fresh for longer during Strength Training

    Hello Community :) I want to share with you my three simple ways to stay fresh for longer during Strength Training :) 1. Rolling/Massage Muscles between sets 2. Drink Water between sets 3. Ensure fresh air in the place where you practice What you think about it ? Write below :)
  11. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Bodyweight What is the time range of hold isometric position for best gains in strength ?

    Hello do you know What is the time range of hold isometric position for best gains in strength ? What I mean ? For example the best range of reps for: Strength 1-5 reps Muscle Growth (hypertrophy stimulus) 8-12 reps But how it works on static position ? I read that isometric exercises are good...
  12. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Whether a 50% reps is a 50% of effort ? "GTG"

    Whether a 50% of the maximum number of repeating is a 50% of maximum effort ? It is about "GTG" method I'm confused about something. For example: I tested my max in One arm push ups (legs together) I got 4 reps in good form so I decided to do everyday a few sets of 2 reps (50% of max reps)...
  13. Maine-ah KB

    Bodyweight REFiNE by Karen Smith, Anyone try it?

    Hi So has anyone tried/gotten/purchased @Karen Smith’s new program Refine? if so what do you think? Is it a specific plan with reps, sets, weekly breakdown or is it giving you tools to create your own focused approach to bodyweight/kettlebell exercises?
  14. Bodyweight Advice on Easy Strength for Bodyweight

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to construct an Easy Strength workout for myself and would like a little input. Basically, five days a week, per Easy Strength 40 day workout: 10 reps for Cardio Squat (alternating Pistols) Chins Dips (all done bodyweight) 50 reps for Kettlebell swing w/ 24kg...
  15. Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB TRX - anyone here with experience?

    Hello I got a TRX not too long ago. So far I have been loving what it's doing for my rows, pistols, and support work (like with parallel bars). Rows on the TRX are a whole separate ballpark than Australian pull ups from a bar, and way easier on my forearms/wrists. I'm really looking forward to...
  16. Carl

    Other/Mixed Free Easy Strength Slides (Dan John)

    This is absolute gold from Dan John. He could sell this at a premium but has linked to it free in latest post. A complete set of PowerPoint slides on Easy Strength principles and applications. Enjoy!
  17. Karen Smith


    I often see forum post w/questions on programming, so I thought I would shed a little light on our methods. STRONGFIRST is a school of strength. We are a principle based system. Our principles are the same across all modalities (SFG/SFB/SFL) If your goal is to get STRONG..... using our...
  18. Bodyweight Road Work

    Hello All I'm a 6'1 Male, 154lbs. My current goals are to get into great (flexible strength and endurance) shape for Tai Chi Chuan, get really good at pistols, and build up my muscles/joints through high rep pushups. I move pretty well (can wall walk, bridge, pistols) but have not had a FMS...
  19. Bodyweight returning from injury; easing back into things: bodyweight instead of KB

    Hi all, I found your excellent forum after reading some advice on various subreddits. I want to ask for some advice, but first some background. Sorry for the long thread, but I think some details will help you understand the context for my questions. Long term: - My main sport is association...
  20. (Beginner) Naked Warrior and Combat Conditioning

    Basically the program is as the title states. I am 6'1, 154 pound male. Body fat about 12% (could be wrong, that's what it looks like compared to pictures though) No injuries, although elbow and patella tendon occasionally give me trouble if I overdo it. I move pretty well, can wall walk...
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