simple and sinister

  1. Benedictine Monk

    S&S For Dead Heads

    Heh. Based on a variety of consultations I've decided to drop the Swing portion of S&S (for now) and dropped back in the barbell deadlift. I may have to keep this thread going in the Barbell forum, but I thought I'd briefly summarize my thoughts here and anyone can feel free to jump in...
  2. Stu McGill's Big 3 Prerequisite for S&S?

    Hi, My goal is to begin Simple and Sinister, and eventually reach the Simple Goal. I'm currently working on the Kalos Thenos TGU and Kettlebell Dynami as advised by Dan John. Things Are Going So Well, Help Me Screw It Up, Part 2 I currently own Stu McGill's back mechanic and in the book he...
  3. Eddie

    Popped a rib out during Kettlebell Swing

    Hi all, I injured myself doing the Simple programme and couldn't find a post about a similar injury anywhere online. A little about me: 27, M, 5'10", 190lbs, ~15% body fat I've been doing martial arts and weight training since I was 16, currently doing MMA 3-5/week, and weight train...
  4. azsixshooter


    My name is Steve. I'm in Pinckney, MI and work as a CNC Machinist. I started the S&S program on 2/8/16, roughly 12 weeks ago this weekend. I worked up from a 16KG to a 24KG bell and today for the first time I did my 100 swings in 5 mins and my 10 TGU's in less than 10 mins. I have been doing...
  5. CoachWTF

    S&S Sciatic Nerve Pain?

    So, I've been training off and on with kettlebells for the last few years. I've done a bunch of swings, and my TGUs are pretty solid. However, recently I had a bout with a tight piriformis, which then seriously aggravated my sciatic nerve. Since then, I've been sort of cautious about swings...
  6. Andrej SK

    Muscle imbalance form Simple and Sinister

    Hello guys, I need your help. I am a S & S beginner, however, recently I read about possibility to develop muscle imbalances from exercising limited number of exercises. Is it possible that through working out S & S program on a long term basis one can develop the muscle imbalance since it is...
  7. Rest on TGUs in S&S

    If you're doing simple and sinister, how much rest should you be taking between individual Turkish Get-Ups? In the book, Pavel specifies a 1:1 work:rest ratio. I always thought this was for both swings and get-ups; though the way it's phrased, it's possible he is referring only to swings...
  8. krome

    Doubts at the end of simple

    Good morning I have been training the simple protocol since february. I am about to finish it, as I am doing 70 swings nonstop test, I already past the 5 min 1 handed swing test and I am compressing the rest time with the 32 Kg get up. I like to combine my swing practice with self defence...
  9. Benedictine Monk

    What is the purpose of Goblet Squats in the warm up?

    I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, but I am curious what's expected of the GSQ warm up. Are we supposed to actually progress in weight? Or is it just a prying movement?
  10. Benedictine Monk

    Carpal Tunnel Golf and Tennis Elbow Mega Thread

    Good afternoon, This 51 year old using S&S since roughly June has uncovered a right arm issue that seems to fall under either Carpal Tunnel or Tennis Elbow. I thought it would be useful to not only post what lead me to conclude I was suffering from this, but also the various therapies and...
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