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  1. Luwuwu

    PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Sharing Some Successes Using PlanStrong Methodology

    Greetings, strong men and women! I am excited to share with you the remarkable progress that my students and I have made using Plan Strong methodology. Student A: 8 week plan Kettlebell MP Former 1RM - 28kg After Plan Strong - 32kg 2 right 1 left Student B: 8 week plan Barbell Bench Press...
  2. Luwuwu

    Plan Strong Comp Day Question

    Here’s my question: should the 2-3 attempts on the test day, after the ramp up, be counted in the total volume? Thank you very much!
  3. Teaching starts within

    Hey everyone, I'm a coach from Portsmouth, UK, who owns a studio called On Form Fitness Studio. My goal with training is to learn through myself what it takes and requires to get stronger, be fitter, and move pain-free. I then pass this on to my members so they can live better lives. I'm going...
  4. Plan Strong - Programming Squats and Deadlifts

    Hey everyone, im hoping someone who has done plan strong could help clear up some confusion, I'm currently prepping for SFL, I'm using the programming methods I learned from Plan strong. My goal is to use it to build up my X2 bodyweight deadlift. I notice Deadlift is partnered with Squats in...
  5. PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Built Strong for one lift?

    After attending Plan Strong this past weekend, a question occurs to me. In PS, we routinely discussed planning individual lifts more, or less, on their own. When I attended Built Strong last year, we mostly talked about programming for several lifts. The question is: Do you know of a reason...
  6. James Sullivan

    Kettlebell Pressing a kb heavier than 1/2BW? How'd you get there?

    I'm curious to hear about how folks have achieved a heavier than 1/2BW kb press... Thanks!
  7. James Sullivan

    PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Experience with Plan Strong Military Press Plan 501G?

    I'm wrapping up week 1 of 501G today and am wondering if anyone here has attempted or completed this program. If so, what was your experience? What did the rest of your programming look like? Did you achieve the 44kg press? Thanks!
  8. John Spezzano

    Kettlebell In case you missed my press article from last week.

    Hey all, Last week StrongFirst published my most recent article that details my experience on a press program I built around using only one medium sized kettlebell. I did the program due to work, time, and gear constraints. I hope you enjoy it! Get Stronger with One Kettlebell | StrongFirst
  9. Barbell Plan Strong for Over Fifty

    Hi all, I am 51 years old and still chasing strength and health. I am a former competitive powerlifter, trying to get back to a 200kg deadlift and 160kg squat at 80kg bodyweight. I am after some advice please for a suitable Plan Strong routine, for squat and deadlift, from anyone with...
  10. Kettlebell programming from 16kg to 24 kg press

    hello everyone , i have been training rite of passage with the 16kg bell for 12 weeks now, at 70kg on my heavy days ( to the limit ladders ) i am pressing upto 8 sets of (1,2,3,4,5) and performing swings with the 24 kg , but i somehow am still not able to make the jump to 24 kg ( only 2...
  11. Bauer

    Kettlebell Delta 20 and intensity

    Hello strong people, I have a question regarding the Delta-20 principle. I have applied it to my S&S training with very good results, in order to manage fatigue. (I cannot predict how I will sleep or how stressful my life will be on any given day, so waving the volume helps a lot with...
  12. Other/Mixed Recommended monthly number of repetitions for various lifts?

    Today I was lucky enough to stumble upon a reference to a Pavel article I had not heard of before, "Ladders Reloaded," in MILO Vol 23 No. 1. Purchased the journal through Amazon and read through the article. In it Pavel recommends 200-400 reps per month (4 week period) for squats, and 300-500...
  13. DanielRunkel

    PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Question on how to program a Plan Strong cycle for the OAPU

    Hi, everyone. Has anyone tried this? Would you choose an alternative exercise for each intensity zone or rate the intensity on the height of the support, 100% being the ground? I'm curious to previous solutions. The first one I came up with was: 100% - OAPU, 1RM 92.5% - Half OAPU, 2 reps, as...
  14. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell PodCast - StrongFirst COO Craig Marker "What it means to build the Anti-Fragile Self"

    RT 197 | Dr. Craig Marker – What It Means To Build The Anti-Fragile Self
  15. PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Understanding Percentages

    Just to make sure, how do we deal with intensity correctly, when dividing 81-90% lifts between sessions in a week? There is this quote on the top of pg. 63 “The intensity optimum is far from stable. Based on studying this factor on members of the USSR national team, we can presume that...
  16. LukeV

    Other/Mixed Hypertrophy tweak for Escalating Volume

    Hi guys, this is my first post on StrongFirst but I've read pretty much all the great info on here - thanks so much to the contributors. I'm 47 years old and been lifting seriously for the last 3 - 4 years. I've got arthritis in the elbows and need to keep a close eye on weight, volume and...
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