How to Navigate the Strong Endurance Universe

Strong Endurance™ is our umbrella term for all anti-glycolytic training methods. Anti-glycolytic training is “anti-HIIT” that trains you to produce less lactic acid instead of tolerating more of it. AGT is used by many Eastern European national teams in a variety of sports: judo, cross country skiing, rowing, full contact karate… Broadly, there are three […]

Energy Systems and the Snatch Test

A perfect application of Strong Endurance™ protocols to the 5-minute snatch test. The science behind this method should help you dominate this 5-minute strength endurance challenge like never before.

The Quick and the Dead vs Strong Endurance™—What is the Difference?

Russian coach, Andrey Kozhurkin, made an observation on the two diametrically opposed philosophies of stimulating adaptation. The traditional one is pushing to the limit: “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.” The alternative is to train to “avoid (or at least delay) the unfavorable internal conditions… that lead to failure,” or reduced performance. [...]

The 37-Second Knockout: Building a Boxer’s Ferocious Comeback

The creative and research-driven programming by Pavel Tsatsouline and Fabio Zonin that prepared me for a boxing comeback—even while protecting a broken thumb.