StrongFirst After Pregnancy: Postpartum Workout Advice

What enabled me to regain my strength and to perform better than I ever had prior to pregnancy? The starting point was reconnecting to my “core.”

How to Build Physical Strength While Hardly Trying

Recently I achieved some huge strength goals. I didn't train for them or even try very hard. In fact, the path I took was quite boring.

Women’s Fire Academy Training Program

This program uses full body movements to build usable strength. While it is aimed at women working toward the fire academy, I also used it to successfully train for a Spartan Beast.

Get Super Strong: A Woman’s Strength Training Program

Here is my definition of what makes a woman "strong"—along with a six-week program designed to start you on the journey to becoming a super strong woman.

Strength for Women After 40: My Plan and Perspective

How is it that at 49-years old I’m able to maintain a weight of 132lbs and 16% bodyfat? To do a full wheel backbend and 100 40kg swings or 100 16kg snatches in five minutes? Here are my thoughts on strength for women after 40.

A Strong Woman and Her Endless Possibilities

When a woman takes her first conscious step toward being physically capable, she immediately expands her limits of possibilities. A strong woman has endless possibilities.

How Do You Define a Strong Woman?

I have a mission to help other women see they can be strong. Here are some of the answers to what defines a strong woman, plus a beginning strength program.