Podcast Episode #18: Dr. Jimmy Yuan

StrongFirst Podcast Episode #18


Dr. Jimmy Yuan is a chiropractor balancing the world between medical rehabilitation and sports training. Dr. Yuan trains professional golfers, MLB, NFL, NBA, and college athletes. In addition to being a StrongFirst Team Leader, he is a Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and FMS Instructor. In this episode, Dr. Yuan talks about rehabilitation and training professional athletes.

Show Notes

01:08 — Dr. Yuan gives a background of his athletic history and how he’s re-invigorated his athletic endeavors.

01:56 — Dr. Yuan’s degree is neuroscience-based psychobiology and went on to get his doctorate.

03:22 — Dr. Yuan talks about his team approach to success.

08:10 — Differences between training a golfer vs. another athlete.

13:00 — How all of his tools fit together.

22:10 — How to use and implement clubs.

26:23 — What is ELDOA and why is it beneficial?

31:50 — The difference between traditional acupuncture and dry needling.

34:24 — The neck being an important area when he does his chiropractic work.

37:30 — Having fun while working.

Key Points:

  1. Many things you’ll learn are environmentally dependent, you have to assess the whole situation.
  2. Training, like life, has to happen at speed.
  3. Keep in mind the problem someone has, but find out what they need.

Tweetable Quotes

You need to make sure you have some gamification and get the competitive juices flowing. — Dr. Jimmy Yuan Click To Tweet
Competition and life are happening at speed, so your training should too. — Dr. Jimmy Yuan Click To Tweet
Let experience be your teacher and let creativity be your goal. — Dr. Jimmy Yuan Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

Warrior Restoration
Dr. Yuan’s Twitter

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