Quality of Life: StrongFirst for an Aging Population

The StrongFirst community is primed to make a positive impact with our aging population. If we simply teach the basics of our principles, we are doing a service that could be lifesaving.

Strength for Women After 40: My Plan and Perspective

How is it that at 49-years old I’m able to maintain a weight of 132lbs and 16% bodyfat? To do a full wheel backbend and 100 40kg swings or 100 16kg snatches in five minutes? Here are my thoughts on strength for women after 40.

Confessions From a Recovering Bodybuilder

It's a little hard to admit, but I used to be a competitive bodybuilder. Here's what my training used to look like, plus what it looks like now that I've reformed my ways and train my body as a complete system.

I Am a 12-Percenter — Are You?

At age 58, I have a 12.4% risk of dying before I turn 68. But I have one tool that can lower my mortality rate and manage all the risk factors that come with each additional decade of life.

No Country for Old Men

Our pear-shaped kids are old men and women in young people’s bodies. They bring the timidity of the old age into the age when one is supposed to drink life out of a fire hose.

Be a Man Among Men: My Father’s Deadlift Program

We are all adults here: either you have it, or you don’t. StrongFirst is not in the babysitting business. As they used to say in the Rhodesian army: “Be a man among men.”