Never Quit

I am a SFG Level I candidate scheduled to attend the certification in Las Vegas in February 2021. In truth, my goal is to reach the StrongFirst Elite status which means instructor status in all three modalities that StrongFirst teaches: kettlebell, barbell, and body weight. The SFG Level I is the important first step in […]

Moving Target Kettlebell Complex: Plan B

StrongFirst continues to present our readers’ solutions to putting together a six-week program based on the Moving Target Kettlebell Complex. Here, we take a look at Dave T.'s Plan B.

The Moving Target Kettlebell Complex

Here is a simple, but effective kettlebell complex. Systemically, you will get tired, but the muscular stress target shifts and you can keep going without compromising technique.

Use Kettlebell Complexes to Achieve Technical Perfection

A “complex” of kettlebell exercises strung together in an intelligent manner delivers muscle hypertrophy and fat loss. But there is another benefit—accelerated skill development

A Guide to Intelligent Circuit Training

Here are the basic principles behind well designed circuit training, and why circuit training can be a valuable tool in the process of creating the athlete.

Moving Target Kettlebell Complex, Part II

I asked the readers with program design experience to build a four- to six-week training plan around the Moving Target Kettlebell Complex. Here is Dave T.'s solution.

Total Tension Kettlebell Complex

Do the Total Tension Kettlebell Complex for six weeks and there be noticeably more meat on your bones and you will possess a much deeper understanding of linkage and tension.

The Grad Workout, or the Road to the Inn

The Grad Workout, in this particular variation, was designed by a lunatic psychopath. That would be me—Dan John.