How I Became a World Record Holder

Training for a world record requires grit. Many may approach the challenge preparation by continually pushing for more “burn.” But there is another effective, sustainable, and arguably superior way. Training to avoid (or at least delay) the unfavourable internal conditions that lead to failure or reduced performance. And it doesn’t just work to break records. […]

Simple & Sinister + Heart Rate Training

This article will explain how to incorporate heart rate training into the Simple & Sinister program, and how to progress over time.

Hard Style Training Principles Across Karate and Kettlebells

I practice Shurite Kempo, which is a hard style training method in self-protection. The principles we practice are the same as strength training.

What Is “Conditioning”?

Hard style kettlebell training is highly foolproof. Americans are notoriously poor at following instructions, yet the Russian kettlebell delivers conditioning without fail.

How to Build the Hard Style Powerlifter

I’m not very interested, much less qualified, in taking an advanced lifter to the top of the powerlifting world. Rather, it seems most valuable to make real strength training accessible to the masses in a smart, safe way.

The American Swing: Is It Good or Is It Bad?

The American swing (also known as the overhead swing, or OH swing): Is it good or is it bad? This is a tougher question to answer than it appears on the surface.

A Kettlebell Simple & Sinister Excerpt

Without touching this classic program’s DNA, I remastered it with research and experience of the last decade. Here is a short Kettlebell Simple & Sinister excerpt.