The Circle of Iron: Veterans Day Thoughts

Today, we are grateful for the men and women who faced the heat of the forge and became part of the iron circle that surrounds us in its quiet, solemn presence.

The Real Strength of the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is upon us again. Viewed as an “American” holiday, July 4th has marked so many important moments in the lives of people worldwide.

What Greater Purpose Will Your Strength Serve?

We like to say, “Strength has a greater purpose.” It’s in the finding of that purpose that we discover parts of ourselves we have either turned away from or never seen at all.

Are You Training Through or Toward an Injury?

I love riding motorcycles, and I know how important it is to walk around the bike before I press the starter. I can’t "out-ride” an "injury" in my bike’s structure, and if I try, the repercussions can be grave.

Emergency Action Plan Programming

Like any unpleasant experience, we too often place the need for an emergency action plan on the back burner, but like that unwatched pot, sometimes events boil over.

Memorial Day: A Time to Remember Thankfulness

Every day can be Memorial Day. Every day, we can choose to remember that so much has been done for us with no bill due for services rendered. It is a day to practice and remember thankfulness.

Merry Christmas From StrongFirst

What a joyous time to reflect back on the past twelve months and look forward to the promise of the new year to come. Merry Christmas to you all from StrongFirst.