3 Simple Nutrition Principles to Power Up Your Simple & Sinister Training

I use three principles of nutrition that enable me to minimize my days off from training, remain truer to the intention of the Simple & Sinister program, and get me closer to my goals.

Swing Versus Snatch

When it comes to swing versus snatch, which should you be doing and why? Let's break it down by goal and muscle group.

My 90 Day Challenge: I Lost 73lbs and Got My Life Back

In ninety days, I lost 73lbs and got my life back. I have the cardio to play with my kids and I feel good about my strength and body. And it was all so simple.

The “Hit the Target” Fat Loss Plan

What I am about to share is the nutrition plan that allowed me to drop over twenty pounds of body weight in eight weeks—without sacrificing strength and muscle mass. It may help you reach your StrongFirst goals.

“Dry Fighting Weight”: Fat Loss Through Strength

Let's look to both science and weightlifters to see what they do for fat loss. May you reach your “dry, fighting weight” without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics!