A Long Way to Press: Work Capacity, Levers, and Tall People

For those of us in the business of getting people strong, we may need to reevaluate how we do that for each athlete. Let's look at the science of pressing for tall people.

The American Swing: Is It Good or Is It Bad?

The American swing (also known as the overhead swing, or OH swing): Is it good or is it bad? This is a tougher question to answer than it appears on the surface.

Gray Cook on Simple & Sinister

When an author, a coach, a philosopher or somebody who’s immersed themselves in physical culture like Pavel has, takes the time to simplify his knowledge into clear, concise statements, you better put that on your shelf.

The Secret to Big Deadlifts: Do the Small Things

Here is what you need to do to stay healthy while gaining strength in your deadlifts and other barbell lifts.

The Forgotten Benefits of the Get-Up

Crawling might be popular in fitness right now, but the get-up has all the same benefits plus many more to offer. Let's compare the two, and I'll explain.