Be as Strong as You Look: 8 Weeks of Built Strong Training

In the first days of quarantine, when things shut down and the composition of my days changed overnight, I came to a quick realization: I may never again have an opportunity quite like this to train for muscle mass. I was a 43-year-old father of two with a time-consuming day job who had been training […]

How to Build Your Slow Fibers Part III

Attempting to combine FT and ST training for all major muscle groups is a different ball game. Before you jump in head first, here is what you need to consider.

Should You Train Your Slow Twitch Fibers?

Cutting-edge Russian research tells us every type of athlete, from marathoner to powerlifter, has a lot to gain from training slow twitch fibers.

The Kettlebell Swing Sandwich: Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Save Time

Russian sports scientists advocate sandwiching full-body exercises like squats between upper-body muscle building exercises to benefit from a hormonal spike. Kettlebell swings appear to have the same effect.

Total Tension Kettlebell Complex

Do the Total Tension Kettlebell Complex for six weeks and there be noticeably more meat on your bones and you will possess a much deeper understanding of linkage and tension.

Forging a New Path to “Functional” Hypertrophy

If there’s anyone who walks the functional hypertrophy talk, it is Fabio Zonin. Not only has he competed at the highest level in natural bodybuilding and powerlifting, he was the first Italian to best the Beast Tamer Challenge and become a StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor. Plus, he was a Master Teacher for the Italian Federation […]

How to Train for Mass With Chins and Dips

Training for mass without barbells is tricky business. I designed this program to create mass with chins and dips. It’s a serious strength program for the upper body.

“Dry Fighting Weight”: Fat Loss Through Strength

Let's look to both science and weightlifters to see what they do for fat loss. May you reach your “dry, fighting weight” without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics!

Moving Target Kettlebell Complex: Plan B

StrongFirst continues to present our readers’ solutions to putting together a six-week program based on the Moving Target Kettlebell Complex. Here, we take a look at Dave T.'s Plan B.

3 Reasons You May Need to Pick Up Barbell Training

Unlike the kettlebell, which should be used by every man and woman, the bar is not for everyone. But you must start barbell training if one or more of the following reasons applies to you.