How to Systematically Improve Your TSC Numbers

Here's my advice on how to improve your TSC numbers based on my personal experience and success in competition. Some of these you can try today.

The Tactical Strength Challenge as Celebration of Life

October 4 was Jim’s one year anniversary of heart surgery and the date of the Tactical Strength Challenge. Jim had begun his reborn life and was determined to compete.

Tactical Strength Challenge: Spring 2014 Results and Tips

Announcing the winners of the Spring 2014 TSC, as well as Ollie Quinn's story of how he trained to win the Men’s Elite Division accompanied by analysis and commentary.

TSC Training Plans for Athletes of All Levels

The best TSC training approach would be a progressive, consistent plan that waves volume, density, and intensity while taking into consideration your current abilities and foundation of strength.

TSC Competition Prep: The Final 2 Weeks

Let's take a look at the last two weeks leading up to a TSC competition and outline how you can best set yourself up for success on event day.

Tactical Strength Challenge: Participation, Community, Strength

The Tactical Strength Challenge is a powerful tool - not just for building your muscles, but also for building your business and community. Here's how!

12-Week TNT TSC Training Program

We have a training system at TNT that produces outstanding TSC numbers. I would enjoy hearing the results from anyone willing to follow this TNT TSC program.

A Bit of TSC History and What the Future Holds

TSC has survived with zero corporate support for a decade. The TSC history is a testament to its resilience. Now, StrongFirst is about to put its muscle behind the event and make it even more intense and competitive.