Podcast Episode #19: Peter Lakatos

StrongFirst Podcast Episode #19


StrongFirst Master Instructor Peter Lakatos from Budapest, Hungary talks with your host Dr. Craig Marker about training that relates to hormesis. He discusses training related to Buteyko breathing, blood flow restriction, HRV training, fasting, and red light therapy.

Show Notes

01:35 — Peter talks about handball and his background in powerlifting.

03:08 — What handball entails and what the teams and court look like.

04:18 — What training of high-level handball athletes requires.

05:25 — Explanations of training people using different HRV profiles to address weaknesses.

12:00 — What you should do for training if you’re not comfortable with something.

16:04 — The lab equipment Peter uses to measure sleep quality, heart rate and the most important things to measure.

18:40 — Why breathing is so important.

22:05 — Tips for learning how to breathe better.

25:53 — What Kaatsu or occlusion training is and its origins.

36:50 — The mTor activation cycle and fasting.

39:40 — Peter explains Ground Force Method.

42:27 — What is red light therapy and what’s the academic research behind it.

Key Points:

  1. Trainers should use testing to figure out what’s needed.
  2. Doing breathing the wrong way will disorient the breathing center in your brain.
  3. Science has proved that fasting is good for you.

Tweetable Quotes

Checking readiness is everything, through testing we can figure out the missing component. — Peter Lakatos Click To Tweet
Breathing is conscious, but also subconscious, you need to have a way to monitor it. — Peter Lakatos Click To Tweet
More breathing does not mean more oxygen. — Peter Lakatos Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

Atlanta SFG I Certification
Joov Red Light
Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises (Buteyko Method Book 2)
The Oxygen Advantage: The Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques for a Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter You
Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Therapy Occlusion Restriction Cuffs with mmHg Monitor and Pump
Emfit QS
Ground Force Method

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Craig Marker
Craig Marker, Ph.D. CSCS, StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor Emeritus, is a fitness enthusiast who has spent his life trying to help people improve their lives. As a professor, he works with students on how best to understand research and place it into context. He has published over fifty articles, chapters, and textbooks on psychology and research methods.

As a researcher, he understands the cutting edge of strength, sports performance, body composition, and nutrition. As a psychologist, he has focused on research and treatment of anxiety disorders, which positions him to understand the motivation and the fear of making life changes.

Craig’s upcoming book, the The Antifragile Self, takes on the topic of building a stronger person in the mental and physical domains.

As a StrongFirst Certified Elite Instructor, Craig views kettlebells as one tool in the trade of forging a better person.

Visit his intentional community in Atlanta: Strength.University.
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6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #19: Peter Lakatos

  • Very interesting podcast.

    I am interested in red light therapy, but I don´t know what device to buy. Would it be possible to help me with that?
    Thank you.

  • Very interesting podcast.

    Dr. Marker I’d love to hear more about your experience and thought on the red light exposure discussed in the show. I looked at the very slick Joov website and it sounds great but. . . it almost seems too good to be true. And the placebo effect is a powerful thing

  • Thank you very much Mr. Marker (and Mr. Lakatos)

    I appreciate your interview style so much.

    You seem to always leave us wanting more. I’m looking forward to all the “Part 2’s” that have been teased at the end of many of the podcasts.

    Thank you again

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