Your Journey to a Handstand Push-up: Part 3

If you spent time on the bent-arm strength progression outlined in part one, and then advanced to the straight-arm strength progressions in part two, you are now ready to begin the pushing progressions.

Your Journey to a Handstand Push-up: Part 1

It's best to begin slowly to build a solid foundation of technique before jumping “head first” into advanced skills. This article is the first part of a three-part series that will help you plot your journey to the HSPU.

The Anytime, Anywhere Bodyweight-Only Strength Program

The sad truth is most of us are lost without our kettlebells or barbells. But you will never be without your body weight—and that means your strength doesn’t ever have to get lost.

How to Program Your Way to 50 Consecutive Pistol Squats

Here is how I trained to achieve 50 consecutive pistol squats. But the truth is, you've already learned everything you need to know from Pavel.

How to Use Bands to Properly Assist Your Handstand Push-up

I am 6 foot 3 inches and about 240lbs, so handstand push-ups always seemed impossible to me. But then, thanks to Pavel's advice, I figured out how to use bands for proper and useful assistance.

Your Journey to a Handstand Push-up: Part 2

Once you have built your stabilizers in the bent-arm position and feel comfortable upside down, you can move closer to the handstand push-up by following these progressions to build your straight-arm strength.

Upgrade Your Strength with the Soju and Tuba Press Program

You can try this step/wave hybrid cycle with almost any lift, but it will be most effective with the kettlebell military press since many people get stuck at a particular weight and are not sure how to progress from that point.

Calisthenics for Iron Domination: From Bodyweight to Heavy Weight

Training bodyweight exercise will help you demolish your previous strength records in your barbell and kettlebell practice and replace them with all new levels of iron domination.

How to Double Your Kettlebell Press in 6 Weeks Without Touching a Bell

In a little over six weeks I doubled my kettlebell press without touching a kettlebell. Here's how I did it and why you should register for the StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification.

The Best Press Exercise

Which press exercise gets you the strongest while avoiding injury? Let's go through the possibilities and I'll explain the reasons for my choice of best press.