10 Things I Learned in 10 Years as a Kettlebell Instructor

Here are ten things I’ve learned in the past ten years as a kettlebell instructor. Some points are specific to being an instructor, some are for trainers in general, but all of these points should be useful to the student of strength.

Simple & Sinister Training for Kettlebell Sport Athletes

Lower body power, upper body stability, grip, and strong heart and lungs. Things the kettlebell sport athlete needs, and Simple & Sinister delivers.

Flexibility Exercises for Kettlebell Training and Kettlebell Sport

Although this article is dedicated to flexibility exercises specifically for Girevoy Sport, I believe it will benefit anyone who trains with kettlebells for any reasons.

My Story of Pavel and the School of Strength

It's been twelve years since I met Pavel in New York City. At the time, I was a karate student trying to improve my flexibility. It was immediately clear to me that Pavel was a gifted teacher.