The Similarities Between Kettlebell and Firearms Training

I’ve been training with kettlebells since 2005. I’ve been doing firearms training even longer. My experience with both led me to the conclusion that there are a lot of similarities between the two.

Military Deployment Prep: A Program for Hardening the Soldier

Preparing for deployment is what I do professionally, so I'm providing an overview of my philosophy. Here's how I train for military deployment.

The Circle of Iron: Veterans Day Thoughts

Today, we are grateful for the men and women who faced the heat of the forge and became part of the iron circle that surrounds us in its quiet, solemn presence.

The Real Strength of the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is upon us again. Viewed as an “American” holiday, July 4th has marked so many important moments in the lives of people worldwide.

What Is “Conditioning”?

Hard style kettlebell training is highly foolproof. Americans are notoriously poor at following instructions, yet the Russian kettlebell delivers conditioning without fail.

He Did Not Return From the Battle

God rest in peace the strong souls of the warriors who gave their lives for a just cause. We will never forget. For the living doing their duty today, here is a training tip.

The AK-47 of Exercise Equipment

As Kalashnikov said himself, "It is very simple, this assault rifle. But I must say that making it simple is sometimes many times harder than making it complex."

A Bit of TSC History and What the Future Holds

TSC has survived with zero corporate support for a decade. The TSC history is a testament to its resilience. Now, StrongFirst is about to put its muscle behind the event and make it even more intense and competitive.

Memorial Day: A Time to Remember Thankfulness

Every day can be Memorial Day. Every day, we can choose to remember that so much has been done for us with no bill due for services rendered. It is a day to practice and remember thankfulness.

John Faas: To Be a Warrior

To know John Faas was to know the meaning of the word "warrior." John was a Navy SEAL and one of 31 killed in a helicopter crash August 31, 2011 in Afghanistan.