TSC 2019 Competition Edition Results

The Tactical Strength Challenge—StrongFirst’s strength triathlon—happens twice each year, with hundreds of participants, and in facilities across the globe.

Each year’s opening event is community-focused, where we highlight charities served, outstanding personal achievements, new participants, remarkable stories, and other matters that can’t be reflected by numbers alone.

The second event—the Competition Edition—which recently happened on October 26, focuses more on the competitive aspect of the challenge.

TSC events from around the globe
A small selection of TSC venues around the world

Congratulations to everyone who took part across all the different divisions. The final results have been calculated and we’d like to give special recognition to the top athletes.

Competition Division

First up is the Competition Division, where the top three overall finishers receive awards from our generous sponsors: Perform Better and Vibram, as well as StrongFirst. Please send a special thank you to these companies by supporting them with your fitness needs.

Valerie Hedland TSC snatches
Valerie Hedlund at rep 154

The top three in our Women’s Competition Division were led by Valerie Hedlund, of Pacific Strength, with a total score of six points. Valerie also took first place in the snatch event (154 reps) and first place in the pull-ups (23 reps). Placing second overall—and first in the deadlift (425lb) was Jackie Michaels, of THE GYM WB. Maggie Burrows, from Forge Fitness, rounded off the podium finishers in this division with third place overall.

Ryan Patrick TSC pull-ups
Ryan Patrick, Men’s Competition Division champion

He may not have won an individual event, but Ryan Patrick, of Peakfast, was the Men’s Competition Division overall champion with a score of eight total points. Nathan Mueller, of The Gym WB, took second place overall, and Kyle Kowalczuk, from Made Strength, came in third place overall. Kyle also won the pull-up event with 32 reps. Ben Eisenmenger placed first in the deadlift (680lb), and there was a tie in the snatch event between Gareth Molloy, of No Limits Fitness & Strength, and Connor78, from Newry Sports Centre, both hitting 122 reps.

Gareth Molloy TSC snatches with 32kg
Gareth Molloy tying for first place with 122 snatches in 5 minutes using 32kg

Masters Division

Anna Cannington, from Dragon Fitness Center and Keesler AFB, was our Women’s Masters overall champion with a score of 12 total points. Lara Miranda, from Iron Factory Weightlifting, placed first in the deadlift (315lb). Lucy Smith won the snatch event (149 reps), and Kati Tyler of HG3 Fitness was our pull-up champion (12 reps).

In the Men’s Masters, Ken Schmidtchen was the overall champion, scoring 16 total points after training in his basement, with DT and EFX. Ken also won the pull-up event (22 reps). John Sundberg, from Barefoot Fitness, took first in the snatch event (135 reps), and Shane McGrady, of Crossfit Hinge, won the deadlift (605lb).

Jackie Michaels TSC 425lb deadlift
Jackie Michaels pulling 425lb at the TSC

Classic Division

In the Women’s Classic Division, Rebeca Rouse, from Equinox La Costa, won the overall and the pull-ups, with six total points and 23 reps, respectively. Barbara Csillik, from Erőmester Budapest, won both the snatch event (148 reps) and the deadlift (377lb).

For the Men’s Classic Division, L Donovan, of Barefoot Fitness, placed first overall with 32 total points, which shows how competitive this division was. Dangerous Dave, of Hardstyle Method, won the snatch event (141 reps), Homer Mason won the pull-ups (31 reps) by training out of his garage, and Thomson Remo, from the Milwaukee Cycling Center, pulled a whopping 705lb deadlift that led all divisions.

Ben Eisenmenger TSC 680lb deadlift
Ben Eisenmenger making 680lb look easy

What are you training for in 2020?

Huge kudos to all those who placed in their divisions. Most of all, thank you to our sponsors, all the hosts, judges, TSC participants, and their supporters. Your participation has everything to do with the success of this event. We’ll look forward to seeing you in the 2020 TSC Community Edition.

Power to you!

Derek Toshner
Derek Toshner is a StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor and the Co-Founder, with his brother Ryan, of TNT Fitness Results. TNT is a group of four gyms and one sister gym in Wisconsin. TNT in Fond du Lac, where Derek is most often, has a military-style obstacle course on 8.7 acres of land.

Besides being a 14xTSC division champion, Derek was a 5x NCAA national champion in track and field (3x 400m hurdles and 2x 4x400m relay) and competed at the USA World and Olympic Team Trials from '03 to '05. He has held his high school and university school records in hurdles for 20+ years and was inducted into their Halls of Fame. He was also a 2011 CrossFit Games regional finalist and is currently a consultant for Nike as a member of the Nike Trainer's Network.

Some of his notable physical accomplishments include: 297 reps on the Secret Service Snatch Test, 211 reps on the US Secret Service Snatch test with 32kg, 500lb ring and amp middle finger deadlift, 400lb single non-dominant arm deadlift, 205lb get-up, and SFG Snatch Test with 40kg.

Derek has also climbed Aconcagua, South America’s tallest peak and Denali, North America’s tallest peak. He is still married to his high school sweetheart, which he thinks technically makes her stronger than him.
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