Fall 2016 TSC Results


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fall TSC results are final!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this very unique day of worldwide strength, spirit, and camaraderie—and a special thanks to all of our hosts and judges across the globe. This could not happen without you guys.

And, we would like to especially welcome all of our first-time participants. We hope you’re hooked. ;]

Our Women’s Novice division is once again the category with the most competitors, and for many (if not most) of them, this TSC was their first-ever strength competition of any kind. There was a strong showing in the Men’s Novice category, as well, and as a reminder, all Novice category WINNERS must graduate from the Novice category in all future TSC competitions, and enter in the Open, Elite, or Masters (if qualified by age).

TSC Results Derek Toshner
It’s Derek’s world, we’re just living in it.


And so now, let us acknowledge the highest combined scores in each of the ten categories. For full rankings and results, please visit the leaderboard HERE.

Women’s Novice

1st: Toni Coetzee, The Yard Athletic, Fourways, South Africa
Snatches 166, FAH 79 sec, Deadlift 299.8

2nd: Catherine Burns, Hybrid Fitness, Moira, United Kingdom
Snatches 146, FAH 92 sec, Deadlift 281

3rd: Yolanda Jordan, The Yard Athletic, Roodepoort, South Africa
Snatches 143, FAH 73 sec, Deadlift 291

Women’s Novice 16kg

1st: Caoimhe Morgan, Fionn’s gym, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Snatches 137, FAH 79.3 sec, Deadlift 330.6

2nd: Erin Koeck, TNT Fitness, Fon du Lac, Wisconsin
Snatches 141, FAH 34 sec, Deadlift 345

3rd: Jeni Hayes, Charleston Kettlebell Club, Charleston, South Carolina
Snatches 136, FAH 40 sec, Deadlift 305

Women’s Open 12kg

1st: Wynne Chow, Box 33, Perth, Australia
Snatches 140, Pull-ups 12, Deadlift 265

2nd: Jenny Foster, Queen City Kettlebell, Cincinnati, Ohio
Snatches 145, Pull-ups 7, Deadlift 260

3rd: Stephanie Mills, Spindle Fitness, Chicago, Illinois
Snatches 132, Pull-ups 15, Deadlift 255

Women’s Open 16kg

1st: Kaz Searle, Box 33, Perth, Australia
Snatches 136, Pull-ups 14, Deadlift 330.7

2nd: Valerie Hedlund, Pacific Strength Kettlebells, San Clemente, California
Snatches 129, Pull-ups 17, Deadlift 300

3rd: Bruna Brito, Fit 2 Recover, Salt Lake City, Utah
Snatches 136, Pull-ups 12, Deadlift 275

Women’s Elite

1st: Vickie Moses, Latitude 44 Fitness, Wanaka, New Zealand
Snatches 131, Pull-ups 19, Deadlift 286.6

2nd: Ivy Perkins, MVMNT Gym, Marietta, Georgia
Snatches 119, Pull-ups 10, Deadlift 325

3rd: Cori Knuth, TNT Performance, Brookfield, Wisconsin
Snatches 117, Pull-ups 9, Deadlift 290

Women’s Masters

1st tied: Elizabeth Arndt, Omaha Elite Kettlebell, Omaha, Nebraska
Snatches 148, Pull-ups 3, Deadlift 275

1st tied: Patrice Pollock, Mvmnt Gym, Marietta, Georgia
Snatches 151, Pull-ups 6, Deadlift 235

3rd tied: Mandy Flanigan, Old Glory Iron Lion Kettlebell Club, Leesburg, Virginia
Snatches 138, Pull-ups 13, Deadlift 210

3rd tied: Kari Michael, The Phoenix Gym, Salt Lake City, Utah
Snatches 137, Pull-ups 5, Deadlift 225

Men’s Novice

1st: Blake Christensen, Iron Maltese Athletics, Chanhassen, Minnesota
Snatches 147, Pull-ups 24, Deadlift 500

2nd: Andy Williams, Unaffiliated, Winston Salem, North Carolina
Snatches 130, Pull-ups 22, Deadlift 505

3rd: Vladan Vitas, Gulliver Fitness, Solin, Croatia
Snatches 144, Pull-ups 18, Deadlift 485

Men’s Open

1st: Noah Maxwell, Max-Level Fitness, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
Snatches 154, Pull-ups 23, Deadlift 565

2nd: Dangerous Dave, Box 33, Perth, Australia
Snatches 136, Pull-ups 32, Deadlift 540.1

3rd: Aldo Albericio, Palextra, Ravenna, Italy
Snatches 134, Pull-ups 24, Deadlift 573.2

Men’s Elite

Derek Toshner is STILL UNDEFEATED:

1st: Derek Toshner at TNT Fitness Results, Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin
Snatches 131, Pull-ups 23, Deadlift 600

2nd: Adam DeMarais, unaffiliated, Urbandale, Minnesota
Snatches 109, Pull-ups 16, Deadlift 605

3rd: Jay Hunter, Mavrx Training, Longwood, Florida (late entry)
Snatches 103, Pull-ups 18, Deadlift 540

4th: Johnny Kipp, Queen City Kettlebells, Athens, Ohio
Snatches 101, Pull-ups 10, Deadlift 610

Men’s Masters

1st: Steven Horwitz (also the Spring 2016 Winner, and improved both snatches and DLs) at his garage in Rockwall, Texas
Snatches 130, Pull-ups 18, Deadlift 490

2nd: Greg Havlik, Crossfit Chan, Chanhassen, Minnesota
Snatches 154, Pull-ups 21, Deadlift 375

3rd: Kelly Glad, Fit 2 Recover, Salt Lake City, Utah
Snatches 115, Pull-ups 14, Deadlift 405


Congratulations to all of you!


Nikki Shlosser
SFG Team Leader at Strong First
Nikki is an SFG Team Leader in Venice Beach, California and is the former Marketing Director for StrongFirst (2013-2018).

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  • That’s pretty freaking suite. Glad to see that Derek is still crushing it. He came to our gym once and gave me some advice on deadlifts particularly deficits. If I remember correctly he did a turkish get up with like 135# lol it was insane to see, but still very cool! Congrats to all the athletes that competed! Thanks for the Recap Nikki!

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