Get StrongFirst Online: Essential Kettlebell Exercises

“Online education is like a rising tide, it’s going to lift all boats.” Anant Agarwal

According to an article in US News and World Reports “a 2015 study showed that 6 million students – a large majority of whom were undergraduates – enrolled in at least one online course in fall 2015.” And if MIT, Harvard University and many, many others are getting in on online education, it cannot be ignored.

Our Mission within the StrongFirst School of Strength is to pursue, promote and practice the value of strength. We do this because we believe strength has a greater purpose. We know that strength is a master quality.

To expand this Mission and expose more people to our School of Strength, StrongFirst is entering into the online education arena! This will allow us to reach a larger audience since not everyone has easy access to a live course or an SFG instructor. And as you will soon find out, kettlebells are perfectly well-suited for at home training.

Whether the online kettlebell course represents a first exposure to StrongFirst or is a reference source following (or leading into) a live course, we are certain that our Essential Kettlebell Exercises course will expand our audience and allow us to promote our mission and principles.

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Brett Jones
Director of Education | StrongFirst
Brett Jones is StrongFirst’s Director of Education. He is also a Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Mr. Jones holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from High Point University, a Master of Science in Rehabilitative Sciences from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

With over twenty years of experience, Brett has been sought out to consult with professional teams and athletes, as well as present throughout the United States and internationally.

As an athletic trainer who has transitioned into the fitness industry, Brett has taught kettlebell techniques and principles since 2003. He has taught for Functional Movement Systems (FMS) since 2006, and has created multiple DVDs and manuals with world-renowned physical therapist Gray Cook, including the widely-praised “Secrets of…” series.

Brett continues to evolve his approach to training and teaching, and is passionate about improving the quality of education for the fitness industry. He is available for consultations and distance coaching—e-mail him for more info.

Follow him on Twitter at @BrettEJones.
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