StrongFirst Deadlift Team Pulls Strong

On June 22-23, 2013, the StrongFirst Deadlift Team competed at the IPA Strength Spectacular at the mecca of strength training, York Barbell Club in York, Pennsylvania. The lightweights lifted on Saturday followed by the heavyweights on Sunday.

Aris DeMarco – 417.5 @ 137
Lisa Burke – 315 @ 148

Saturday saw some strong pulls from the team, with Aris DeMarco lifting 412.5 lbs. at 137 lbs. Lisa Burke set an IPA World Record in her age group and weight class, pulling a personal record and an impressive 315 at 148.

Ashleigh Kast – 260 @ 132
Joyce Sabin – 260 @ 132

Ashleigh Kast and Joyce Sabin also put a great show on, both pulling 260 in the 132 class.

Josh Halbert – 515 @ 181

Josh Halbert made an impressive third attempt after missing his second to pull 515 in the 181 class.

Julia Famiglietti competed in the full meet as a raw lifter and put in a first place showing with a 325 lbs deadlift and a 665 total in the 132 class.

Ellen Stein – 390 @ 132

Ellen Stein, who was the acting Team Captain, put on an outstanding performance, setting IPA World Records in all full power events for age group and weight class. She squatted 360, benched 180, and pulled a massive 390 at 132 pounds bodyweight raw.

Francisco Marentez (l) & Derek Miller (r) – IPA Strength Spectacular 2013

On Sunday, Derek Miller put up a great number at 255 lbs bodyweight, with a smooth and easy 660 pull. Francisco “Cisco” Marentez also hit a respectable 595 at 289 without a belt.

Ric Garcia – 375 @ 144

The StrongFirst Deadlift Team recently represented on the West Coast, as well. Ric Garcia competed in his first meet at the annual APF Patriot Games in Buellton, California on May 25. He went three for three at 143.8 lbs bodyweight with a strong 375 lbs pull.

Are you ready to step up to the platform with our team? To qualify, ladies are required to post a 2x bodyweight deadlift and gentlemen a 2.5x bodyweight pull. For more information contact me at to apply to join the team or to get on the informational e-mail list for future meets. Also, please read my article How to Prepare for a Deadlift Competition.

If your application is accepted and you compete with the team, you will receive a 50% scholarship for the StrongFirst Lifter Certification (transferable). If you win your class, you will receive a full scholarship (transferable as well).

Jason Marshall
Jason Marshall is the owner of a performance training studio in Lubbock, Texas called Lone Star Kettlebell. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science from Texas Tech University in 2001. He is currently a Master Instructor with the StrongFirst organization. He also holds a Certified Personal Trainer designation from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Jason trains athletes and students of strength from all walks of life ranging from many different populations for fat loss to improvement in movement quality for a better life. Jason has been involved with competitive athletics via many sports since his childhood. He is still competitive as a drug-free, unequipped powerlifter, with competition bests in the 181lb weight class of: 463 squat, 319 bench, and 617 deadlift.

Jason can be contacted by email for coaching and consultation at
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