Announcing the StrongFirst Deadlift Team

By Jason Marshall, SFG Team Leader, StrongFirst Deadlift Team Captain

“Eumastas the son of Critobulus lifted me from the ground.”—Inscription found on a 480kg (1058lb) black volcanic stone in Santorin dated to the 6th Century B.C.

Being that we are called a community of strength, who attends and learns from a school of strength, it only seems right that we would elevate, celebrate, and demonstrate the king of lifts that emulates our quest as a community. Enter the StrongFirst Deadlift Team.

The StrongFirst Deadlift Team

Years ago, Pavel organized a team of strong men and women in our community to attend an annual pre-designated powerlifting meet and compete as a team in the deadlift. Over the years, newbies to the powerlifting scene with little to no experience and mature lifters with decades of platform appearances came together with a common purpose and goal: to showcase the king of the lifts where it counts—on the platform, in front of the judges.

Several years ago, I was recruited to be a part of that special team. The returns from the experience were more than my deposits. I learned so much about myself and my ability. My drive to pursue my strength potential became greater and my hunger more acute.

This is a call to all those who want to be a part of this team—the inaugural StrongFirst Deadlift Team. This year we will be competing in two meets, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast:

  • May 26, 2013, Buellton, CA, APF-AAPF Patriot Games
  • June 22-23, 2013, York, PA, IPA Strength Spectacular

To qualify for the team, ladies must pull a double bodyweight deadlift and gentlemen 2.5 times their bodyweight in a powerlifting meet sanctioned by any federation or the next Tactical Strength Challenge. There is no deadline, but applications are taken on a first come, first served basis. Results posted in 2012 are also accepted. Send me your results and application for review to

StrongFirst Deadlift Team Jason Marshall
I have stood up with 600lbs while weighing less than 180.

How to Explore Your Deadlift

There are many ways to train for a deadlift only event. You can find some great preparatory cycles and training methods in many of Pavel’s books, the best being Power to the People Professional and his most recent book, Deadlift Dynamite, co-authored with deadlift king, Andy Bolton. Marty Gallagher’s Purposeful Primitive has also proven an invaluable resource in my own, as well as many other lifters’ training.

I would strongly encourage all of you, even if you haven’t quite attained your qualifying poundage, to pick up one of these books, find an experienced powerlifter or StrongFirst instructor in your area with some deadlift experience, and get access to a barbell and set of plates so you can start pulling. You’ll never know what you’ll unleash until you try.

StrongFirst Deadlift Team Ellen Stein
Ellen Stein, SFG, shown here deadlifting 418 and winning an IPF World Championship. Ellen competed on Pavel’s deadlift team in a different meet.

Deadlifting is so primitive, but so useful. It’s found in everything we do from the moment we learn to walk, as well as being the foundation and introductory lift to our kettlebell and barbell courses. There is only gain in exploring your potential with this wonderful exercise.

I hope to be hearing from a lot of you in the near future! I know many of you are already there. It’s just matter of a little commitment and putting in the reps.

Train smart, train safe, but most importantly, train StrongFirst! Power to us!

Jason Marshall
Jason Marshall is the owner of a performance training studio in Lubbock, Texas called Lone Star Kettlebell. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science from Texas Tech University in 2001. He is currently a Master Instructor with the StrongFirst organization. He also holds a Certified Personal Trainer designation from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Jason trains athletes and students of strength from all walks of life ranging from many different populations for fat loss to improvement in movement quality for a better life. Jason has been involved with competitive athletics via many sports since his childhood. He is still competitive as a drug-free, unequipped powerlifter, with competition bests in the 181lb weight class of: 463 squat, 319 bench, and 617 deadlift.

Jason can be contacted by email for coaching and consultation at
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7 thoughts on “Announcing the StrongFirst Deadlift Team

  • Great to see the interest! Just email me with you’re info if you haven’t already and maybe list the highlights of your lifting experience. If you’ve done a meet in the past year with a qualifying pull, just attach a link to the results. Also, for those of you needing a qualifying total and can’t make it to a meet or the next TSC, please check out the Tactical Strength Challenge website and look into hosting your own. It’s free and virtually painless.

    Train Smart and Strong,


  • Jason: Sounds pretty cool! I’ll call you next week about coming to Lubbock in the next few weeks.


  • Jason, email sent. Who else is with us?

    I’m doubtful for the CA meet and definite for the one in PA – just spoke to Mark Chaillet about it.

    Steve Freides, SFG Team Leader

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