Quarterly Update: Back to the Barbell

Our Chief SFG Instructor and Director of Education is a great person to keep up on—particularly these moments of reflection on his own training and the lessons his insights impart to the rest of us.

The Long View

The nobility of undertaking a task far bigger than one’s life with the certainty of not seeing it completed is incomprehensible in the XXI century. We must consider taking the long view.

Everything (and Every Trainee) Is A Nail

One of the students at a Cert respectfully asked me, "Could it be that if the only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?" My answer was, "Every trainee IS a nail."

The Courage to Do Less: StrongFirst and Sumi-e

The other day I was looking at a favorite sumi-e painting of mine by the legendary warrior Miyamoto Musashi. I realized that sumi-e is a perfect metaphor for the StrongFirst methods.

If It Looks Right, It Flies Right

Good movement is something a biomechanist could take it apart and marvel at the efficiency. An engineer famously quipped, “If it looks right, it flies right.”

How to Unlock the Potential of Individual Differences

As a researcher in individual differences, I suspect there is a perfect training program for you today and a different perfect program for you next year. To find that program, you have to be both a student and scientist of strength.

No Substitutions

I have news for you. Being full of yourself for no reason whatsoever is the ticket to wasting your twenties and possibly thirties. In training and in other aspects of your life.

The World’s Standing Advertisement: “Wanted—A Man”

Over the door of every profession, every occupation, every calling, the world has a standing advertisement: “Wanted–A Man."

The How and Why to Green Strength Training

Environmentalism is not a cause close to my heart, but I do not like waste. Hence this blog and a few suggestions on how to conduct green strength training.

The Role of the Kettlebell at StrongFirst

The StrongFirst system is centered around principles, not around tools. That said, the role of the kettlebell is that it is our roots and our weapon of choice.