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Thumbs Up in Kettlebell Pulls?

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman   Recently we have seen a number of students coming to SFG certs clean and swing with their thumbs up.  I am here to put an end to this fashion. Other kettlebell systems have been known to … Continue reading

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Moving Target Kettlebell Complex

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman  Kettlebell complexes rock.  A few months ago StrongFirst published the “Total Tension” Kettlebell Complex in this blog.  Those of you who followed the plan as written saw excellent results.  Senior SFG Tommy Blom, for instance, gained … Continue reading

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The Fighter Pullup Program Revisited

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman Last week we posted an outstanding article on training for the TSC by Jason Marshall, Senior SFG.  Jason referenced the “Fighter Pullup Program”, an plan by an unknown Russian author I wrote about a decade ago.  … Continue reading

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Everything IS a Nail

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman At a recent SFG kettlebell cert Dan John and I were waxing poetic about the sheer perfection of a program of swings, goblet squats, and get-ups for anyone, from the proverbial “Edna” on Social Security to … Continue reading

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Build a Barbell Military Press on a Kettlebell Foundation

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman  The barbell military press is a classic test of upper body strength and a powerful strength builder.  At StrongFirst we teach it on a foundation of our kettlebell skills.  And while the principles (bracing, wedging, etc.) … Continue reading

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Gray Cook on Simple & Sinister

Simple and Sinister, Pavel Tsatsouline’s new book, is eloquent in its simplicity. People try to overcomplicate a position by adding more where it’s unnecessary, but the true artist sculpts, whittles and pares things down to leave something that’s absolutely beautiful—not … Continue reading

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An excerpt from: Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman   Ladies and gentlemen, I present you my new book, Kettlebell Simple & Sinister. If you are new to kettlebells, S&S is your entry point.  If you have been around the kettlebell block, S&S will deepen … Continue reading

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No Country For Old Men

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman, StrongFirst Back in the late nineties I had the pleasure of strength coaching a seventy-some year-old gentleman named Milton.  He had a sparkle in his eye reminiscent of a young boy ready to kick the world’s … Continue reading

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The Tension Day

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman, StrongFirst   Have you done the Total Tension Complex we posted six weeks ago? Please post your results if you did. There are two types of training a strength seeker must do. First, perform a number … Continue reading

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A Total Package Weekly Template

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman If strength and conditioning are equally important to you, the following weekly kettlebell training template will serve you well. Focus on strength twice a week and on conditioning twice a week. Train your endurance the day … Continue reading

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