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Experience and Skill Will Always Trump Science

I know I am not a scientist, and, believe it or not, that gives me a great advantage over many when it comes to learning and perfecting a physical skill. Continue reading

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Lifting Stones: The Value to the Modern Trainee

I became fascinated with lifting stones when I read an article about a man in New Zealand not much bigger than me – who was lifting stones over 400 pounds. Continue reading

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Simple & Sinister Training for Kettlebell Sport Athletes

Lower body power, upper body stability, grip, and strong heart and lungs. Things the kettlebell sport athlete needs, and Simple & Sinister delivers. Continue reading

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10 Essential Tips to Prepare for Your First Powerlifting Meet

Here are a few important things you need to know if you plan on competing in your first powerlifting meet. Continue reading

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Use the Hanging Leg Raise to Build a Foundation for Strength

After training the hanging leg raise, I saw a big improvement in technique and strength, as well as a cessation of chronic low back pain. Continue reading

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Breathing Drills: Maximize Force and Oxygen

The goal of both the martial arts practitioner and the StrongFirst practitioner is to generate maximum force. Practicing breathing drills is how we do this. Continue reading

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