TSC Recap and Results: Fall 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2017 Fall TSC results are in!

First, thank you to everyone who participated in this unique worldwide event. With just over 1,100 competitors from around the globe, once again our women’s novice division was our biggest division.

TSC Recap and Results: Fall 2017

It was great to see so many new faces and names embracing strength as a mother quality. But most importantly, it was great to see people face their fears head on.

As someone who has been a competitor in some form for many years, I know it’s not easy to stand in front of a crowd, be the highlight of the room even for a brief moment, and perform. Fear of failure can be our greatest adversary—if we let it be.

I have the highest respect for people who step up and face their fears, no matter how big or how small the challenge. So, to everyone from the first-time and tenth-time competitors, I salute you.

TSC Recap and Results: Fall 2017

As usual, there were many personal records in each event with 35 of them coming out of Omaha Elite Kettlebell alone. In addition, Team TNT Fitness Results represented in six of the nine divisions. But the coolest thing I saw was gyms—like Game Changers Health, Hardstyle KBJJ, Prevail Strength, and Kettlebell 360 to name a few—combining forces to compete under one roof as one team. There is strength in numbers!

With that said…

We Have a New King and Queen of the Men’s and Women’s Elite Divisions

Adam DeMarais taking over the throne should make for a great showdown in the spring when Derek Toshner returns to try to reclaim what has been his for many years.

We also have a new Queen of the Women’s Elite, Jackie Michaels. This will also make for a great showdown in the spring as Hyunjin Choi will seek to regain her crown with contenders Jessica McCutcheon-Schour and Debbie Hayes (tied for third this time around) not far behind.

TSC Recap and Results: Fall 2017
Top: Adam DeMarais; Bottom: Jackie Michaels

TSC Recap: Top Combined Scores in Each Category

Now, let us acknowledge the highest combined scores in each of the eight categories. (For full rankings and results, please visit the leaderboard.)

Women’s Novice

1st: Kelsey Lightfield, TNT Fitness Mensha—Snatches 143, FAH 66 sec, Deadlift 260

2nd: Katie Ludwig, Noonan Sport Specialists—Snatches 119, FAH 89.09, Deadlift 285


Women’s Novice 16kg

1st: Julie Bigger, Noonan Sport Specialists—Snatches 115, FAH 76.59 sec, Deadlift 210

2nd: Stephanie Marotta, Gunning Elite—Snatches 126, FAH 31 sec, Deadlift 255

3rd: Angela Walker, Unaffiliated—Snatches 98, FAH 73, Deadlift 285


Women’s Open 12kg

1st: Eva Docen, Iron League Fitness—Snatches 150, Pull-ups 12, Deadlift 310

2nd: Charissa Hulse, The Work Shed—Snatches 139, Pull-ups 10, Deadlift 315


Women’s Open 16kg

1st: Sara McBride, Claymore CrossFit—Snatches 147, Pull-ups 16, Deadlift 377

2nd: Noriko Kariya, TK—Snatches 125, Pull-ups 17, Deadlift 320

3rd: Lisa H, NA—Snatches 124, Pull-ups 12, Deadlift 385


Women’s Elite

1st: Jackie Michaels, TNT Fitness Results—Snatches 134, Pull-ups 11, Deadlift 400

2nd: HyunJin Choi, Powerzone—Snatches 120, Pull-ups 9, Deadlift 370

3rd (TIE): Jess McCutcheon-Schour, Ethos Fitness + Performance—Snatches 113, Pull-ups 6, Deadlift 350

3rd (TIE): Debbie Hayes, In My Garage—Snatches 105, Pull-ups 11, Deadlift 265

3rd (TIE): Analisa Naldi, Evolutions Trainer—Snatches 120, Pull-ups 7, Deadlift 300


Women’s Masters

1st: Patti Opalacz, TNT Fitness Results—Snatches 151, Pull-ups 10, Deadlift 350

2nd: Salwa Flewell, ProjectMove—Snatches 146, Pull-ups 14, Deadlift 245


Men’s Novice

1st: Ray Vazquez, TNT Results Fitness—Snatches 146, Pull-ups 24, Deadlift 445

2nd: Josh Sherwell, Laced Up Fitness—Snatches 139, Pull-ups 20, Deadlift 463


Men’s Open

1st: Dale Taylor, The Yard Athletic—Snatches 151, Pull-ups 22, Deadlift 529.10

2nd: Andrew Soderstrom, Crossfit Of Aces—Snatches 142, Pull-ups 21, Deadlift 501


Men’s Elite

1st: Adam DeMarais, Unaffiliated—Snatches 111, Pull-ups 15, Deadlift 595

2nd: Tim Barrett, Lifetime @ Sky Manhattan—Snatches 123, Pull-ups 15, Deadlift 572

3rd: Karl, Westshore Wearhouse—Snatches 129, Pull-ups 13, Deadlift 585


Men’s Masters

1st: Mike Knight, Art of Strength—Snatches 150, Pull-ups 15, Deadlift 440

2nd: Steven Surgeoner, Croffit Berserk—Snatches 114, Pull-ups 13, Deadlift 385.81


Congrats to you all! See you in the spring!

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