A Veterans Day Thank You

I would like to quickly thank all the brave men and women who have or are currently serving in our armed forces for their service and sacrifice. As a veteran, I know what it means to serve. I know the sacrifices you and your families make on behalf of all of us.

Veterans DayThis November, we had or will have both User Courses and Instructor Certifications all around the globe. Brisbane, La Jolla, Poland, Scottsdale, Vancouver, and Perth are just a few of the places we’ll be or have already been this month.

StrongFirst CommunityOur School of Strength is growing here in the United States and in countries all over the world. Many of our instructors live here, but a growing number live in other countries. So, naturally, not everyone is familiar with our Veterans Day holiday or its significance.

The Origin of Veterans Day

Every November 11th, we celebrate Veterans Day. Originally, it was called Armistice Day to commemorate the end of World War I. The war to end all wars came to a cease-fire on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. Then, after World War II, with legislative approval, Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day. It became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.

Veterans DayWhy Veterans Makes a Difference for Us All

November 11th is set aside as a day of remembrance for all who served. In America, it is a federal holiday. Many federal or government offices are closed in remembrance of those who served. It’s a reminder that our freedoms came at a price.

Veterans DayIt is a reminder for us that brave men and women of this and previous generations went into harm’s way on our behalf. It began with the Revolutionary War and continues today. Previous generations volunteered or were drafted. This generation is all volunteers.

Veterans DayThough far from perfect, America has done some pretty remarkable things. No other nation has sacrificed as much for the freedom of others — and all made possible because of veterans. As we sit comfortably in front of our computers, mobile phones, or tablets, Americans along with forces from other nations bravely stand ready on our behalf.

Thank You From StrongFirst

As a veteran, I’m often thanked for my service. It is so great that we live in a nation that is appreciative of those who served. I know first-hand that the families of men and women in uniform sacrifice just as much but aren’t thanked as often as those in uniform.

At StrongFirst, we know that “Strength Has a Greater Purpose.” It’s not just about how much you can do in a gym or at a competition. We applaud strength when we see it, no matter who exhibits it. Veterans are the embodiment of “Strength Has a Greater Purpose.” They strongly stood and still stand up on our behalf.

Veterans DaySo today, on behalf of StrongFirst, I would like to thank veterans and families of veterans for their service, selflessness and sacrifice. Thank you, veterans, and families of veterans. Without you, the world would be a very different place.

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Eric Frohardt
Eric Frohardt, SFG, is the Director of Education and Training for the NRA, a veteran US Navy SEAL, and former CEO of StrongFirst. He has been putting our training system to the test for over a decade—first in combat deployments and later in outdoor sports.

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