The First Ever SFG Kettlebell Certification

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that our first ever SFG Kettlebell Certification rocked. The show must go on, even if the name has changed.

First Ever SFG Kettlebell Certification

The First Ever SFG Kettlebell Certification

At the StrongFirst leadership meeting several weeks ago, one of the instructors apologized for a slip of the tongue—saying “RKC” instead of “SFG.” Mark Toomey responded: “There is nothing to apologize for. We are the RKC. The Chief, the people, the system, the traditions—they are all here.”

In a highly symbolic gesture, Fabio Zonin, Senior SFG, brought each one of us a present:

“I wanted to bring to all members of the leadership a gift that could represent the transition from the old to the new. I wanted to bring a symbol of renewal that wouldn’t forswear the past. I had some silver pendants portraying the RKC logo left. I asked my sister in strength Lara Bizzotto, SFG II, to melt them in order to create, from the same silver, pendants portraying the StrongFirst logo. So it was done. My gesture should not be interpreted as a lack of respect for RKC, far from it. My gesture is intended as a symbol of continuity and of renewal at the same time.”

First Ever StrongFirst Certification
Lara Bizzotto, SFG II, and a StrongFirst shield she made out of an RKC Eagle. Photo courtesy Fabio Zonin, Senior SFG.

No surprise, the inaugural SFG Kettlebell Certification was just like the good old times. I want to thank everyone who has followed me to StrongFirst and who has made it happen.

The quest for world domination continues.

Click here for upcoming SFG Level I Certifications and here for SFG Level II Certifications.

First Ever SFG Kettlebell Certification
Eugene Kwarteng, SFG. Photo Courtesy Andrea Chang, SFG Team Leader.

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