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Tactical Strength Challenge – The Plan

By Jason Marshall, Senior SFG If you decide to test your mettle in the Tactical Strength Challenge, you better have a plan.  There are an infinite number of options in preparing for such a challenge, including not preparing at all … Continue reading

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Breathing New Life Into Your Workout

by Ronen Katz, SFGII, SFB “Breathing has never been an issue for me… as an old guy sparring with my fighters, I breathe and recover fully during the breaks between rounds… with no problem. I’ve always had abs… and I’ve … Continue reading

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Gray Cook on Simple & Sinister

Simple and Sinister, Pavel Tsatsouline’s new book, is eloquent in its simplicity. People try to overcomplicate a position by adding more where it’s unnecessary, but the true artist sculpts, whittles and pares things down to leave something that’s absolutely beautiful—not … Continue reading

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The Right Way To Get Strong

If you got all excited by the title of this article, I hate to bring you back to reality… But I’m going to do so anyway… You see, there is no ‘right way to get strong.’ Sure, there are many … Continue reading

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Emergency Action Plan Programming

by Mark Toomey, CEO “It’s always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it’s just hilarious.” -Bill Hicks The problem is there are not many times when an injury in your own facility elicits laughter. Most times, the emotions run along … Continue reading

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The Way to Strength: My experience towards the Italian National Raw Powerlifting Trophy

by Elisa Vinante, SFG II   Since I was a child I always wanted to be strong. I’ve always been attracted by anything that was a manifestation of strength and power, but I’ve never had a particular susceptibility to competition. … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for a Deadlift Competition

by Jason Marshall, StrongFirst Deadlift Team Captain There are many ways to train for a deadlift only event. You can find some great preparatory cycles and training methods in many of Pavel’s books, the best being Power to the People Professional and Deadlift Dynamite, … Continue reading

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StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Certification Prep Guide

by Brett Jones, Master SFG, MS, ATC, CSCS Eleven years ago I arrived in St. Paul to attend the second ever kettlebell certification from Pavel Tsatsouline. Throwing water balloons in freezing temperatures and having VERY sore lats are just a … Continue reading

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The Strength to Run

by Joel Pino Two things you should know about me right from the start. First, I love running. It’s something I’ve been doing for 15 years (along with quite a bit of competitive cycling) and I owe much of who … Continue reading

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The Courage to Do Less

by John Scott Stevens, SFG II Instructor A few weeks ago I was testing some of my lifts in preparation for attending July’s upcoming StrongFirst Barbell Certification. Despite having limited experience with barbell training I was pleased to find I … Continue reading

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