StrongFirst Deadlift Team Pulls Strong Again

An Update From Jason Marshall

We had two lifters for the East Coast meet in Philly, Ellen Stein and Lisa Burke. Both won their divisions. Ellen pulled 400lbs at 132 and won the best overall lifter award. Lisa deadlifted 345 at 148, a meet PR.

Ellen Stein and Lisa Burke - Deadlift Team
Superwomen Ellen Stein, SFL, and Lisa Burke, SFL, with their trophies.

We had five lifters for the West Coast meet in Tucson. Jeremy Travis competed in Full Power. He pulled 535 at 194 bodyweight.

Jeremy Travis Deadlift Team
A 535 pull at 194 bodyweight by Jeremy Travis, SFG II, SFB, SFL.

Jeremy Layport competed in his first Full Power comp. He pulled 573 at 212 bodyweight. He also won best overall heavyweight male with a 690kg total (551-397-573). He went 9 for 9 in his first meet!

Jeremy Layport Deadlift Team
Jeremy Layport, Senior SFG, pulled 573 in his first powerlifting meet.

Rhonda Jones competed in the Push Pull. She pulled 298 in the 132lb weight class.

Jackie Luciano, SFG II, SFL, had a great meet in Full Power. She pulled a PR 330 at 140 bodyweight.

I completed in Full Power and had a great meet. I came in second by one hundredth of point by Schwartz formula for best overall lightweight male. I totaled 627.5kg (463-314-606) at 178 body weight, went 8 for 9, and all were meet PRs. My second deadlift attempt was 606 and my right foot slipped causing me to wobble right before lockout and I had to set the bar down. I wanted to attempt 622 for my third, but stayed conservative and hit 606 solid on the third with a very fast pull. I also won best lightweight male deadlift.

Jason Marshall Powerlifting Back Squat
Jason Marshall, Senior SFG, squatted 463 at 181 raw and then pulled 606.

Our deadlift team won the 1st place as each of the five had the best deadlift of each weight class. The meet hosted by SFG Team Leader Danny Sawaya’s Tucson Barbell Club had between 140 and 150 lifters. A number of other SFGs successfully competed: Erlinda Gomez, Jerry Trubman, Marie Musucara.

StrongFirst Deadlift Team Members
Victorious: Jeremy Layport, Jeremy Travis, and Jackie Luciano.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to lead the StrongFirst Deadlift team the last couple of years.

An Update From Pavel

Thank you, Jason! Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pavel. A week later Senior SFG Steve Freides set another New Jersey record 100% raw 357-pound pull at 148 pounds of bodyweight and 59 years of age.

Steve Freides Deadlift
Steve Freides has achieved strength and health.

I got to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad pulling another American record—413 in the 198-pound weight class, 75-79 age group, USPA:

Pavel and his father at deadlift meet.
The coolest Father’s Day ever.

I want to thank Jason Marshall, Senior SFG for two years of exceptional leadership as the Captain of the StrongFirst Deadlift Team! Jason just passed the captain baton to two new captains: Ellen Stein on the East Coast and Ricardo Garcia, SFG II, SFL, on the West Coast. Welcome!

To qualify for the team, ladies must pull two times their bodyweight and gentlemen 2.5 times in a powerlifting meet sanctioned by any federation or the Tactical Strength Challenge. There is no deadline but applications are taken on the first come, first served basis. Send your results and application for review to:

We will wrap up with a few words from one of our competitors, Jeremy Layport, Senior SFG:

“This being my fist powerlifting meet, the one thing that surprised me was the lack of technical set up by the majority of participants. There was a definite difference between SFL Cert attendees or SF Deadlift Team members and every other lifter at the meet. I personally watched a beautiful bench set up from Jackie Luciano and then saw another lifter’s alarmingly poor set up and bench. Watching SF Deadlift Team Captain Jason Marshall set up for and pull his 603lb deadlift was like watching a skilled surgeon make an incision. It was slow, precise, and exacting, which he made look easy. The bend over, grip, and rip strategy didn’t win me over to say the least—and it sure didn’t seem to win the meet either. If I could give any one person a training tip it would be learn how to “root,” “wedge,” and apply skilled tension. Then just practice more.”


Jason Marshall
Jason Marshall is the owner of a performance training studio in Lubbock, Texas called Lone Star Kettlebell. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science from Texas Tech University in 2001. He is currently a Master Instructor with the StrongFirst organization. He also holds a Certified Personal Trainer designation from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Jason trains athletes and students of strength from all walks of life ranging from many different populations for fat loss to improvement in movement quality for a better life. Jason has been involved with competitive athletics via many sports since his childhood. He is still competitive as a drug-free, unequipped powerlifter, with competition bests in the 181lb weight class of: 463 squat, 319 bench, and 617 deadlift.

Jason can be contacted by email for coaching and consultation at
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